How to Compose and Optimize “Best for Me” Commerce

Featuring Forrester

It’s time to break up with your commerce monolith and build a "best-for-me" commerce ecosystem that enables you to bring your unique digital vision to life.


Your brand is unique. Your business is unique. Why are you trying to force fit an out-of-the-box platform?

A “best for me” commerce ecosystem is comprised of multiple vendors, which due to their modularity, seamlessly work together to create your ideal commerce solution. Benefits include the ability to rapidly create differentiated commerce experiences for your customers, make changes on-demand as business needs evolve, and avoid software vendor lock-in.

In this webinar, we’re joined by special guest, Emily Pfeiffer of Forrester who will address the adoption of “best for me” commerce in the market, the benefits and challenges associated with this type of approach, and who this is best suited for.

Bryan House, our SVP of Product and Customer Success, will dive into the underlying architecture of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud to showcase how our composable, API-first, headless technology provides the foundation for a “best for me” commerce solution, and how to overcome a top challenge of this approach with Composable Commerce XA™ and Pre-Composed Solutions™.