On-Demand Demo

Integrations Hub: Eliminate the Barriers to Composable Commerce

Featuring Algolia and Fluent Commerce

Reduce the cost of implementation by 60% and take time to market from months to weeks.


Composable Commerce empowers brands with the freedom to design and launch the best–for-me solutions their business requires to drive growth. But, brands are often faced with the struggle of upfront cost and the complexity of building, hosting, managing, and monitoring the integrations that power a composable solution.

Integrations Hub vastly reduces this struggle. Integrations Hub is a library of instant-on, no-code integrations that are fully managed and hosted by Elastic Path. it empowers brands to quickly and confidently launch Composable Commerce solutions, at 60% lower cost.

Watch this on-demand 30-minute demo where you’ll get to: 

  • Explore the Integrations Hub
  • Set up integrations with Algolia and Fluent Commerce
  • Check integrations with a holistic monitoring dashboard