September 29th, 2022 | 4 MIN READ

New Integrations Hub Empowers Users With “Instant On” Integrations

Written by Pranav Bahadur

Pranav Bahadur is a Product Marketing Manager at Elastic Path living in the Boston area.


Over the past few years, the momentum towards adopting a Composable Commerce approach has been undeniable as more brands realize the benefits of its speed and flexibility in delivering unforgettable customer experiences. However, one significant problem persists, how do brands easily switch to a Composable Commerce solution that enables them to create remarkable commerce experiences? The cost and time it takes to implement a Composable Commerce solution, while faster than a traditional approach, remains a blocker for many brands. At Elastic Path, we are committed to making Composable Commerce accessible to all brands as we believe in the positive impact this approach can have on a brands ability to drive revenue with innovative commerce experiences. In the past year, we have demonstrated this commitment by launching Composable Commerce XA™ (Experience Assurance) to reduce the risk of managing a multi-vendor approach, and released additional Pre-Composed Solutions™ to enable brands to get up and running quickly.    

Building on this momentum, we’re proud to launch the Integrations Hub, a central repository of pre-built integrations accessible within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling. We have pre-configured these integrations with common data mapping and event triggers, so they truly are “instant on.” Now, brands can leverage best-of-breed solutions like Algolia, Coveo, Elasticsearch, and SendGrid with a few clicks. No writing custom code, no hosting and managing integrations, just a simple "flick of a switch" so you can focus on what matters - creating high conversion commerce experiences. 

Reduce Your Total Cost Of Ownership Today 

Gartner predicted that "by 2023, prices for B2C digital commerce platform will be 30% less than in 2019, due to feature commoditization and "headless" implementations." (You can read the full report here). Increasingly, brands realize that costly customizations to their existing commerce platform are a losing game compared to using a Headless Composable Commerce solution. Composing a solution suited to their unique needs will drive those costs down by 30%. While these savings are significant, the truth is that realizing those savings often takes a few years. 

Why does it take so long to realize the cost savings? The simple answer is implementation costs. There is nuance in how these costs break down based on each implementation's requirements. We spoke to hundreds of customers and vendors to land at our estimation that 50-60% of a commerce replatforming project costs are in integrating third-party solutions for specific functionality like search, CMS, or OMS.

With the Integrations Hub, the heavy lifting is already done; all you need to do is activate our “instant on” integrations. Since most of the costs of implementing a Composable Commerce solution are spent on expensive development resources, brands who leverage these “instants on” integrations can dramatically reduce costs and significantly accelerate the launch time. 

Beauty In Simplicity

Beyond the monetary hurdle, another aspect that hinders brands from shifting to a Composable Commerce solution is the complexity of creating and operating it. Integrations available in the Integrations Hub are developed, hosted, and managed by Elastic Path. That means brands no longer need to purchase and run serverless cloud services, further reducing costs and simplifying adopting a Composable Commerce solution.

Watch the demo below to see how you can activate an “instant on” integrations with Algolia in a matter of minutes without writing a single line of code. No deep technical expertise required, just a few simple clicks to get up and running. 

By selecting "activate" to save the key data, the “instant on” integration will perform all the heavy lifting of creating the initial mapping of common fields and webhook integrations, launching the instance of the integration, and even triggering the initial data load to a third-party platform. It truly is that simple and that instant. 

With the no-code nature of the Integrations Hub, once the integration is active, users can easily adjust the pre-configured data mapping and event triggers to fit the unique needs of their business. Additionally, your team will gain visibility to monitor the status of the integrations through the Integrations Hub without any additional tooling.

Realize the Potential of Composable Commerce    

Beyond the cost and time-to-market implications of our “instant on” integrations, we are excited to see our customers build experiences that drive growth by quickly leveraging best-of-breed commerce integrations. With the ability to swap integrations as needed, we believe it enables brands to innovate faster and outpace the competition. This is only the beginning; we are proud to make Composable Commerce accessible to more brands and are committed to expanding the Integrations Hub. 

Curious to Learn More?

Check out our documentation page or speak with us today to see how your brand can access “instant on” integrations and leverage the power of a Composable Commerce approach.

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