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Elastic Path Powered Experience Created by Bounteous Leveraging New Capabilities

Delivering an Innovative Storefront Experience in Record-Breaking Time

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA / CHICAGO, ILLINOIS — February 27, 2020 Elastic Path and Bounteous today announced a new storefront experience built on the new Elastic Path Commerce Cloud microservices capabilities. Elastic Path, the leading headless commerce provider and Bounteous, a leading insights-driven digital experience agency, joined together in this endeavor to showcase the offering’s ability to support rapid development of rich, integrated transactional journeys.

Bounteous, known for their commitment to open source projects, their dedication to collaborate with partners and clients, as well as their resolve to create groundbreaking, rich commerce experiences, developed a set of tools that support complex business models. For this project, Bounteous was able to leverage Gridsome, a Vue.js framework that had never been used before with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, as opposed to simply building a storefront on one of the existing Gatsby or Next.js based libraries. This aligned with their belief that some of the best transactional journeys on the web today are JAMstack-based and inspired Bounteous to create a commerce experience that would truly showcase how well this modern web development workflow could be applied to best-in-class commerce solutions.

What resulted was the creation of a fully-functioning, Gridsome-based eCommerce experience that demonstrates Elastic Path Commerce Cloud’s flexibility and speed to market.

“We are honored to be a top-performing Elastic Path partner and look forward to continuing to undertake large, digital transformation projects together that bridge online and in-person consumer engagement,” said Seth Dobbs, CTO of Bounteous. “Elastic Path continues to innovate headless commerce, empowering leading B2C and B2B organizations to monetize the ground-breaking experiences they provide to end users. As their solution partner, we get to collaborate with companies that are pushing the boundaries of innovation in their industries.”

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud’s microservices capabilities enable current and future customers to launch new revenue channels nearly on-demand and create monetization opportunities that are not only fit for the buyer but fit for the business purpose and deliver them at incredible scale.

“Bounteous is an agency that truly embraces our point of view on the evolving landscape of commerce. They are working with some of our most innovative clients to help them meet their goals of re-defining how transactional capabilities are seamlessly delivered in the context of engaging user journeys,” said Tiffany Spizzo, VP, Global Channel & Alliances at Elastic Path. “It’s exciting to see their enthusiasm and deep skillsets in action with our new capabilities and just how fast they were able to create something so compelling.”

If you’d like to see how, together, Elastic Path and Bounteous could revolutionize your commerce experience, reach out to book a joint meeting.

About Bounteous
Founded in 2003 in Chicago, Bounteous creates big-picture digital solutions that help leading companies deliver transformational digital brand experiences. Our expertise includes Strategy, Experience Design, Technology, Analytics and Insight, and Marketing. Bounteous forms problem-solving partnerships with their clients to envision, design, and build their digital futures. For more information, please visit

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About Elastic Path
As the pioneer of headless commerce, Elastic Path created the world’s first and only microservice-based commerce platform that enables every business leader to achieve remarkable digital agility through easy-to-use business user tools, a comprehensive library of pre-built commerce applications, and the unmatched ability to extend the platform. With Elastic Path, organizations across every business model can deploy revolutionary commerce experiences faster, at a lower risk and greater scale than any other solution in the market. If you want to harness the power of full commerce freedom, turning any device, touchpoint or experience into a purchase environment, Elastic Path is the right partner for you. Elastic Path is based in Vancouver, Canada, with offices in the U.K. and U.S. Learn more at

Elastic Path has offices in Canada, the U.S and U.K with a team of employees, customers and partners that span the globe. Learn more at