Evaluation Guide for a Commerce Service

How to determine if Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is the right choice for your business

At Elastic Path, we firmly believe that for organizations that strive for speed and agility, the traditional RFP process often does not achieve the intended result of selecting the best possible commerce solution. The main reason for this is the fact that static RFP requirements and the prolonged process are contradicting to the following principles:

  • Control. Have full control over your commerce experiences in the environment with a high level of uncertainty, when it's impossible to know all of the requirements upfront.
  • Speed. Minimize the time required to implement the new commerce initiative from idea to execution, including selecting the right solution.  
  • Trust. Have the confidence that a commerce solution you select can address your future commerce use-cases and requirements beyond what you need now.

Elastic Path Approach

The best way to understand whether a commerce solution is a good fit for an agile organization is to see it in action. To do this, we propose a very streamlined approach:

Step 1. Understand whether Elastic Path is the right solution to be considered. Below is the list of resources that will help you make this conclusion:

The 7 Considerations when Choosing an eCommerce Solution
This guide provides guidance on how to navigate the commerce market and what look to select the right commerce solution for your business.

Customer Success
Learn how agile organizations across the world including Decker’s Brands, Pella, and reMarkable have leveraged Elastic Path to deliver unique experiences at speed.

Company Overview
Get a glimpse at what we do as a company, our mission, and values

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud Product Overview
Provides a summary of all business capabilities available in the Elastic Path commerce service.

Composable Commerce
Learn how Composable Commerce provides superior technical agility and enables you to deliver unique experiences at speed

Competitive Comparisons
Learn how Elastic Path compares against commeretools and Magento.

Why Elastic Path
Learn if Elastic Path is the right partner for your business to achieve sustainable business growth.

Step 2. Get into the Proof of Concept as quickly as possible. The only way to understand how quickly a solution can evolve to address the business needs is to start iterating with the solution. And PoC is the only way to do this because no questionnaire, no matter how complex it is, will prove that the solution is easy to extend. Our unique PoC approach will allow your team to build a live prototype for your specific business problems in less than 2 weeks. The benefits of this approach are:

  • You will benefit from a Free Trial
  • Your teams will get the first-hand experience with the solution
  • There will be evidence proving that the solution can be iterated rapidly
  • Ability to see time-to-value: how long will it take to have a solution to demonstrate a number of business-relevant use-cases.

Contact our team and we will be happy to discuss a Proof of Concept to demonstrate the Elastic Path ability to deliver unique experiences at speed.

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