Headless Commerce With Your CMS is More, Not Less.

Elastic Path | TA Digital

Harness the power of emerging touchpoints. Watch the webinar.

Today, new paths to purchase are emerging at an accelerated rate, extending commerce way beyond online touchpoints however, when adding new touchpoints to the buying process, their integration with a CMS is an important consideration. More than just a headless platform, our platform allows you to use any head you want.

Elastic Path’s Brian Gilmore and Jack Boitani join Joe Brannon of TA Digital for this “Headless is more, not less” webinar to share how businesses can easily integrate Elastic Path’s headless solution into various CMS platforms and trending commerce touchpoints.

It will cover how:

  • Companies can make changes to their CMS without the backend development headache
  • Elastic Path integrates with Drupal, WordPress and other CMS platforms as well as progressive web apps.
  • Elastic Path enables use cases like IoT touchpoints, chatbots, kiosks, and social media selling.