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Jenny Craig is a leading diet and weight loss brand, members can easily and predictably lose weight by purchasing well-rounded meals consisting of low-calorie food and by consulting with nutritionists, fitness coaches, and food psychologists at its various regional centers.

Prior to Elastic Path, Jenny Craig's customer experiences were often fragmented because online and offline systems were siloed and could not share data. If a new member walked into one of the centers after buying a membership online, brand associates often didn’t know who they were. Likewise, those who had just purchased a membership in one of the centers often went unrecognized the first time they tried ordering food on the website.

Jenny Craig decided to go with a Headless Commerce approach giving them the flexibility to engage shoppers seamlessly across all touchpoints and easily add new touchpoints as they emerge. In less than 8 months, without the help of a system integrator, this brand was able to deploy Elastic Path and integrate it with their content management system to create a single online experience that inspires shoppers with content and product information at precisely the right moment. 




Jenny Craig

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