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Nov 10, 2022 | 2 minute read

SendGrid Integration Simplifies Email Automation for Merchandisers

written by Abisola Adeyemo

At Elastic Path, we continue to hone in on our mission to make Composable Commerce accessible to all brands, so they can drive revenue and create innovative commerce experiences.

In one of our latest blogs, we launched our Integrations Hub, a central repository of pre-built integrations accessible within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling. 

These integrations are pre-configured with common data mapping and event triggers for “instant on” integrations, with just a few clicks. We want to empower product merchandisers with the tools to create high conversion commerce experiences by leveraging no-code integrations. 

Who is SendGrid?

SendGrid is a cloud-based SMTP provider that delivers your transactional and marketing emails through email APIs and marketing campaigns. It is built to seamlessly integrate with other platforms such as Elastic Path.

What is SendGrid Integration?

SendGrid is one of our latest integrations in the hub that is reimagining automated follow up emails for order confirmation, registration, shipping information and more. With this integration, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud events triggered in your store can be transformed into emails that are sent via a SendGrid email. These emails can be triggered by any observable events.


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How Can I Use SendGrid?

While SendGrid emails can be triggered by any observable event, some of the common use cases include automated and templated emails for order confirmation, order shipment details, customer registration and password updates. There are no limitations to who you can send these emails to, and the use cases are vast. For example, smaller commerce companies without an integrated order management system (OMS) can configure automated confirmation emails through this SendGrid integration. No development work is needed, just quick and simple configurations within Commerce Manager.

How is SendGrid Integration Impacting Merchandisers?

A case study by Omnisend found that order confirmation emails generate a revenue-per-email (RPE) 9.5 times higher than that of promotional emails. Transactional emails such as order confirmation, order shipped, and customer registration emails are often overlooked and under-leveraged as a revenue-generating strategy for commerce teams. This SendGrid integration provides merchandisers with the tools to configure as many transactional emails as they see fit on their website. It also gives them full control over the format and content of the emails so they can customize to their customers needs.

The Integration Hub at Elastic Path will continue to grow, as we work to simplify merchandiser’s lives and bridge accessibility gaps for Composable Commerce.