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Dec 10, 2021 | 2 minute read

Inside Elastic Path with Danny Beshears

written by Michaela Sell

Danny Beshears is a Senior Business Development Manager and joined Elastic Path eight months ago. He is from Dallas, Texas, but was originally born and raised in the bay area of California. During his free time, Danny likes to play golf, cards, and he enjoys traveling. He also enjoys spending time with his kids and dog. Learn more about Danny and his role on our team!

Q: Can you describe a typical workday as a Senior Business Development Manager?

Q: What is typically the highlight of your day or week?

Danny: I enjoy seeing hot leads coming in, and hand raises from contacts that are interested in Elastic Path. Hot leads are when individuals search headless commerce or composable commerce, and I follow up with those individuals within 24 hours.

Q: In your current role, is there something you are most proud of?

Danny: I am most proud of having conversations with potential customers. I make sure we provide information to potential customers about Elastic Path, and I also enjoy helping them through their commerce journey. I want to increase those conversations on a daily basis, which is something the entire company is trying to work on.

Q: How would you describe the culture at Elastic Path?

Danny: The culture at Elastic Path feels like family. As a company we are not only helping each other, but we help customers, and everyone in the organization has a passion to do that. We check in on one another asking how our weeks are going, we help one another and we all care about each other, which is something I love about working for such a great company.

Q: What are the reasons you chose to stay at Elastic Path?

Danny: Being here for 8 months, I see huge growth opportunities. We are in the beginning stages, and building the company to win against our competitors. I want to be a part of that since, I am a competitive person, and be here in the long run to see the company grow even further.

Q: What would you say to someone that is considering on applying?

Danny: Elastic Path has great core values, which we all live up to every day. It is also a great opportunity to work for a company and learn about eCommerce and the market. You will also feel supported, and will enjoy being a part of such a great organization.

Q: What is your favorite movie?

Danny: My favorite movie as far as sequels is Fast and Furious. I love fast cars and a fun fact; my car was in one of the movies!