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Jan 11, 2023 | 2 minute read

Coveo "Instant On" Integration Gives Merchandisers the Power of Personalized Search Through the Integrations Hub

written by Pranav Bahadur

At Elastic Path, we continue to make strides in our mission of making Composable Commerce accessible to all brands and empowering merchandisers to drive revenue and create innovative commerce experiences by leveraging "instant on" integrations with best-of-breed commerce solutions. 

These "instant on" integrations are pre-configured with common data mapping and event triggers. With just a few clicks, merchandisers can customize their integration and leverage Coveo's AI-powered search to make every digital experience delightful, relevant, and profitable.  

How to Leverage Coveo in the Integrations Hub?

Check out our quick demo to learn how to set up this "instant on" integration without a single line of code from within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling. 

For more information, check out our documentation page to see how your brand can benefit from leveraging the "instant on" Coveo integration. 

Who is Coveo?

Coveo is a Cloud-based Experience Intelligence Platform providing search, recommendation, and personalization to power intelligent shopping & buying experiences. Coveo unifies data from any source and learns from every interaction across channels to tailor experiences that increase conversion & average order value, lower TCO, and drive customer satisfaction.

Check Out Our Integrations Hub

Elastic Path is proud to launch the Integrations Hub, a central repository of pre-built integrations accessible within Commerce Manager, our business user tooling.See how you can supercharge your store with other "instant on" integrations.

Go to Integration Hub

How Can You Benefit from Coveo?

By leveraging the power of catalog management in EP PXM and syncing with Coveo through this "instant on" integration, brands can deliver contextually relevant search results to drive higher conversion rates, increased average order value, and, ultimately, higher revenue generation. As a catalog is updated with new products and offers, brands can also explore Coveo's best-of-breed functionality, including product recommendations. 

We are not done yet; check back soon to see what's new in the Integrations Hub.