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Jan 4, 2022 | 4 minute read

Inside Elastic Path: A Look at 2021

2021 was a year of tremendous growth for our organization. A few highlights include launching new product offerings, celebrating triple digit revenue growth for our modern SaaS ecommerce offering, hiring 46 people, releasing 140+ product updates, recognizing 31 individuals with promotions, onboarding 40+ new partners, launching new wellness initiatives, and so much more.

2021 was also another year of navigating COVID in the workplace and in our homes. We re-opened our offices globally and closed our offices. We held in-person gatherings and continued virtual events. We learned alongside each other on what it’s like to work fully remote and what it’s like to work in a hybrid environment.

Through our learnings, we identified there will be people who would like to remain virtual for the foreseeable future, and there were people who would like to have a hybrid experience. 2021 was the year we launched programs to support both of these scenarios with our Work Mode Stipend program.

And we formed a cross functional committee focused on asynchronous work to develop best practices to support collaboration in this new way of working.

I started this post by highlighting key growth metrics, and while I could write a blog post on each one, I am going to focus on our people.

Our people are at the center of everything we do, and without them, none of the other growth metrics would have been attainable.

2021 Elastic Path Employee Experience

With the launch of our Wellness Employee Resource Group (ERG), we saw monthly employee newsletters, new programming to support our people and their families, and a company-wide Wellness Day. Our Wellness ERG brought in an external speaker to talk about mental health, coordinated a company-wide Movember fundraising event, and got us moving during our first company-wide steps challenge.

We were proud to launch a new parental leave program supporting primary and secondary caregivers paid time off to bond with their new child/children. All eligible employees (both primary and secondary caregivers) now receive 6 weeks fully paid leave, with the primary birthing parent receiving an additional 6 weeks fully paid.

Supporting our people’s professional development has always been a focal point of our employee experience. In 2021, we invested over $30k in professional development activities for our people including online courses, professional coaching, and certifications.

Every employee has a Role Charter, and while the Role Charter itself was not new in 2021, we did add a specific callout for professional development to encourage all of our people to take advantage of this benefit. Role Charters are designed to showcase each person’s role and key areas of responsibility in context of team and organizational goals.

We could not be more proud of the 31 individuals who were promoted this year. Creating an environment for our people’s careers to flourish is critical to the success of our business.

In addition to the professional development program for all employees, we launched a People Leadership Training Program to all people managers. This program covered topics ranging from psychological safety to continuous feedback to conducting effective one-on-one meetings.


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Communication is critical to any organization, but especially a high growth organization such as ours.

While we continued programs to deliver information to our people, such as our monthly all hands meeting, we also spent more time listening. We launched pulse surveys throughout the year to check in with our team and we launched a listening tour with our CEO, Jamus Driscoll.

Jamus opened his virtual door and met with small groups to hear what was on their mind with a specific focus on our vision for the company. Listening is a crucial, and often overlooked, element of communication, and as we look ahead, I am eager to continue to evolve how we listen at a macro level.

So as I end this ode to 2021, I would like to thank each and every person in the Elastic Path ecosystem – across our amazing global team of employees, partners, and customers. We were able to accomplish big goals, pivot when COVID changed our plans, and continued to drive an even better employee experience.

Here’s to an even bigger 2022, together.