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EP Product Experience Manager (PXM)

EP PXM centralizes commerce PIMproduct merchandising, and Catalog Composer capabilities into one place for merchandisers to unleash their creativity and bring the unique product experiences their business requires to life. With these re-imagined capabilities, commerce teams finally have the control to design and launch differentiated product experiences, across every route-to-market, without heavy reliance on IT.

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Elastic Path Payments, Powered by Stripe

Elastic Path Payments is a best-of-breed payment offering that facilitates complex checkout processes across brands, channels, and customer touchpoints and comes pre-integrated with Elastic Path commerce platforms to simplify adopting a Composable Commerce approach

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Salesforce Migration Package

Dated, legacy platforms, like Salesforce, cause poor site performance and delayed time to market, all with ever-increasing TCO for brands.  The Salesforce Migration Package to provides everything D2C brands need to confidently migrate from Salesforce to a modern, Composable Commerce approach.

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Elastic Path recognized by Gartner as a Visionary in the 2021 Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce.

January - March 2022 Updates

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

The latest feature innovations in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.

Create & Optimize Differentiated Experiences

The new Pre-Composed Solution™ for Multi-touchpoint Experiences empowers business teams with everything they need to quickly launch differentiated experiences without reliance on technical teams. This solution pre-integrates Vue Storefront, Bloomreach, Avalara, Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, and Elastic Path Payments into one cohesive solution.

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Layer Multiple Price Books For More Flexibility

Price book stacking allows merchandisers and catalog managers to overlay a price book on top of the original price book to allow for price changes for a specific subset of products.This will be especially useful for B2B negotiated pricing, cohort pricing and loyalty pricing on a subset of items in your total product catalog


Make Changes To Your Categories With Ease

Node Sorting allows eCommerce teams to have full control of how their nodes/categories/menu items are organized for shopper consumption, without reliance on their frontend development team. This means merchandisers now have the ability to freely rearrange their menus and have that immediately be reflected on the frontend without the need for frontend reprogramming.


Amazon MQ Support With STOMP

New Simple Text Messaging Protocol (STOMP) integration support now allows messaging queuing services like Amazon MQ and Google Sub/Pub to deliver events directly into a configured queue and process the messages.


October - December 2021 Updates

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

The latest feature innovations in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.


Launch Personalized Subscriptions Services in Weeks

The new Pre-Composed SolutionsTM built by Pixie Labs, on top of Elastic Path, removes the complexity of custom building or integrating a subscription solution so that brands can start powering subscription experiences faster, increasing customer retention rate, and driving a predictable source of revenue.


Offer Unique Discounted Prices For Groups of Products

With SKU-Based and SKU-Less bundles you can now decide to either create discounts for a group of products where the price is not dependent on the total price of the products or where the price is dependent on the sum of each component product price.

Child Product Variations

Generate Unique Child-Product Variations

This new feature allows you to generate child products, from base products, with a number of options such as as size, color, and more. In addition, this feature also allows you to inherit base product pricing if child product pricing isn't provided, sell child products independently, and view details of product variation in the base product response


Sale Pricing

Schedule Flash Sales With Ease

Product-based sale pricing is now available in Commerce Manager. Schedule flash sales with ease for seasonal and strike-through pricing without needing new catalog rules.

Templates and attributes

Uniquely Describe Your Product

Quickly customize and extend your product data by creating custom attribute fields and templates that uniquely describe the characteristics of your products. This can be found under configurations in Product Content Management in Commerce Manager.

Go Live With D2C in 90 Days 

The new Pre-Composed SolutionsTM built by TA Digital, on top of Elastic Path, makes it easier and faster to launch a D2C site.  By pre-integrating CMS, payments, tax, and shipping with core commerce capabilities from Elastic Path, this solution empowers brands to reduce IT headcount, get to market faster, and delight customers with intuitive experiences. 

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July - September 2021 Updates

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

The latest feature innovations in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.

Promotion Enhancements


Promotions Updates

Promotion Enhancements

We continue to add new customer centric promotions to attract new customers and maintain customer loyalty. Learn how you can offer free gifts, put a limit on promotion usage, exclude specific products from your promotions and more now with Elastic Path Commerce Cloud. 

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Product Content Management Enhancements


Configurations - templates screenshot

Product Content Management Enhancements

We continue to enhance our hyper-flexible and fast product and catalog management service with support for multi-byte languages in Products and Hierarchies, the addition of attributes and templates to Configurations, the ability to customize products, and much more.

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Advanced Pricing Support


pricing screenshot

Sales & Volume Pricing Support 

In order to support brand's complex and custom pricing needs, we now offer the ability to advance-schedule the specific time and date for sale price books to go live and volume support so that brands can offer different pricing based on the quantity of items a customer purchases. 

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Account Management Enhancements



authenication screen

Password Profile Support 

Instead of only being able to use an OpenID Connect profile to authentication, we have added password profile support so that users can log in to Commerce Manager using a username and password of their choice.  These APIs can also be used for account member authentication. 

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April - June 2021 Updates

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

The latest feature innovations in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.

Composable Commerce XA™

Composable Commerce XA


Reduce the Risk of Composable, Multi-Vendor Solutions 

New experience assurance offering combines proprietary monitoring technology and holistic issue management for commerce solutions composed for multiple vendors so that more brands can bring their unique digital visions to life, without the complexity. 

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GraphQL Server



Elastic Path GraphQL

GraphQL Server


Support Shopping Experiences With GraphQL Server for Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

This release enables developers more familiar with GraphQL, as compared to REST, to more easily build shopping experiences. The GraphQL server provides the following capabilities:

  • Ability to build shopping experiences using Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and GraphQL
  • Convenience of wrapping APIs from different systems and vendors with a single GraphQL endpoint

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Product Content Management

Product Content Management


Unify Product Data Management 

Product Content Management provides a central location to import, enrich, and organize product data to meet your specific catalog requirements and business use cases. 

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Role-Based Access Control

Role-Based Access Control 


Easily Assign users to Appropriate Teams

Quickly and easily assign roles so that users can fulfill their responsibilities without disrupting other team’s workflows, ensuring brands can more effectively run their commerce business. 

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Account Management

Account Management 


Support B2B Account Structures 

Sellers can now create, view, and edit accounts and add, view, and edit users to those accounts.  In addition, B2B buyers can now create and view orders across their entire account.

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Pre-Composed Solutions™

Business-ready solutions, pre-composed from Elastic Path commerce capabilities, 3rd party integrations, and customizations that reduce the perceived risk of headless, microservices technology.  Explore All Pre-Composed Solutions™ in the Composable Commerce Hub.

January - March 2021 Updates

SOC 2 Certification

Successful SOC 2 Examination

SOC 2 Certified


Successful SOC 2 Examination

Elastic Path has successfully achieved SOC 2 for Security compliance. The SOC 2 examination assures that brands can rest easy knowing Elastic Path follows the highest standard of security practices and policies.

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Cart Expiry Extension

Cart Expiry Enhancement


Increase Cart Expiry Time to Your Preference

The cart expiry enhancement now allows brands to adjust their cart expiry preferences from 7 days to 365 days. 

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Merge Carts Functionality



Merge carts update

Merge Carts Functionality


Enable Shoppers to Merge Multiple Carts into One

The ability to merge carts is now available in the Reference store and the API. This update improves the ease of use by enabling shoppers to merge anonymous and registered carts into one. 


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Re-order Cart Functionality



Re-order functionality

Re-Order Cart Functionality


Enable Shoppers to Re-Order Easily

We have enhanced our cart functionality to allow shoppers to re-order a previous order from their order history - allowing them to make repeat purchases easily. This feature especially enhances the user experience of B2B customers that need need to re-order large and complex orders.

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Storefront Quick Start Developer Guide



Storefront Quick Start Developer Guide

Storefront Quick Start Developer Guide


Access the Storefront Quick Start in the Developer Guide

We have created a new asset that provides a step-by-step guidance for building an Elastic Path Store. This Storefront Quick Start makes it easier for developers to optimize their brand's stores.

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Elastic Path Commerce

The latest product innovations in Elastic Path Commerce.

frame-image Commerce Manager.png

The Elastic Path Commerce 8.2.0 release includes four primary features:

  • Account Management
  • Order Hold Strategies
  • Catalog Promotion Enhancements
  • Code Updates to Terminologies
Join us for a deep dive and demos of all major feature functionality

Looking for real-time updates? Visit the changelog where we list out backwards-compatible updates and fixes in the API and dashboard.

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Other Elastic Path Product Updates

Bulk Updates To Cart

Bulk Update To Cart

Allow Shoppers to Bulk Update

We have updated our cart functionality to allow brands to minimize the time a shopper spends updating items in cart, by enabling them to update an array of items in one action, instead of having to update each one individually.

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Multiple Carts Extension

Multiple carts update

Multiple Carts Extension

Allow Customers to Access Multiple Carts

The multiple cart functionality improves the ease of use for B2B buyers who need the flexibility have two carts, so that they can more easily shop from two different departments or lines of the business.

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Improved UX for Refunds

Improved UX For Refunds

Access Refunds from the Commerce Manager dashboard

We have enhanced the refund functionality so that associates can save time by conducting full and partial refunds directly in the Commerce Manager dashboard instead of logging into their payment gateway portal.

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SSO via OpenID Connect

SSO via OpenID Connect

SSO for Seller Organizations via OpenID Connect 

We have implemented support for OpenID Connect layer to enable user authentication with external identity providers, including Okta, Ping, and many others. This results in a better customer experience and improved security for all parties involved in the process.

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September - December 2020 Updates

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud

The latest fall feature innovations in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud.