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Third-party ecommerce integrations

Most enterprise customers have unique requirements when it comes to integrating software and systems. Rarely does the “one size fits all” approach yield the results required to build and grow a customer-obsessed business. A great ecommerce ecosystem should never be limited to just one vendor. That’s why we make it easy to connect Elastic Path to a wide range of third-party commercial and open source software.

For customers wanting to get up and running quickly, Elastic Path offers several integration “accelerators” which contain popular ecommerce configurations. These integrations cover everything from popular payment engines to connecting with third-party tax compliance providers. Our accelerators can reduce the time required to integrate ecommerce into your IT ecosystem. For our enterprise customers with highly customized needs, Elastic Path has significant experience integrating with a variety of systems.


Content Management Systems (CMS, WCM, CEM, WEM)

These applications are the key to an amazing customer experience. That’s why we treat them differently than a conventional CMS commerce integration. Elastic Path provides headless services that are specifically designed to work in parallel with content management software, unlike other CMS ecommerce platforms that require complex, inefficient ETL integrations and data replication to produce a unified experience. Instead, Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform uses high-performance Cortex resource mediation to dynamically link resources and capabilities from both ecommerce CMS platforms together in real time -– producing seamless, beautiful digital experiences that engage customers and drive revenue.

Elastic Path Content Management Systems - Adobe, OpenText, Magnolia, Autonomy, EMC, Oracel, Atex

Enterprise Management (CRM ecommerce, ERP, SCM)

These systems are often used by our customers to manage master data or other enterprise-wide capabilities. Elastic Path's ecommerce CRM integration plays well with these leading platforms to handle fulfillment, inventory, licensing, and post-transaction support. In situations where digital experiences require CRM commerce resources from these applications in real time, Elastic Path Commerce Integration Platform can also be used to generate the unified business APIs that power them.

Ecommerce Enterprise Management - SAP, Oracle, RedPrairie, Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Tecsys

Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus (ESB)

In many deployments, Elastic Path capabilities have been integrated with the existing client infrastructure through an enterprise service bus, portal application, or other middleware technology. This creates a truly integrated ecommerce system.

Middleware and Enterprise Service Bus - Tibco, IBM, Oracle


Elastic Path has been successfully deployed with almost every leading payment provider. In addition, customers choosing to generate recurring revenue with Elastic Path Subscriptions powered by Aria Systems now have even greater flexibility in this space, including the exclusive ability to hot-swap between processors to maximize redundancy and minimize transaction fees.

Ecommerce Payment Providers - CyberSource, PayPal, Google Checkout, Chase,, Optimal, Internet Secure, Bill Me Later, Beanstream

Analytics and Testing

We provide our customers with choice in analytics and optimization platforms. With the unprecedented data collection and aggregation capabilities of Cortex, we can also generate a single view of the customer that can be provided to MDM platforms, business intelligence applications, or even next-best-action systems to facilitate real-time, automated marketing.

Ecommerce Analytics & Testing Software - Adobe, Google Analytics, Tealeaf, Webtrends


Elastic Path's ecommerce integration comes with Neustar® IP Intelligence (formerly Quova®) – allowing enterprises to personalize their digital customer experiences based on location. Our customers also use these capabilities to meet global trade compliance regulations.

Elastic Path Geolocation - Neustar

Shipping and Address Validation

To reduce fraud and provide accurate shipping information, many of our customers that handle physical merchandise have integrated our platform with leading address validation and logistics services.

Commerce Engine Shipping and Address Validation - USPS, UPS, FedEx, Melissa Data, CyberSource


Tax Calculation

Many of our customers are multinational or global enterprises that must comply with complex and ever-changing tax legislation and other global trade compliance regulations. Elastic Path has been integrated with several compliance providers.

Tax Calculations Compliance Providers - Avalara, OneSource, Vertex

Reviews and Social

User-generated content including ratings, reviews, and social sharing are an essential component of today’s digital marketing ecosystem. Elastic Path integrates seamlessly with the leading solutions in this space.

Digital Marketing Reviews and Social - PowerReviews, Bazaarvoice

Search Merchandising

Some Elastic Path customers augment the advanced search and merchandising capabilities of Elastic Path Core Commerce Solutions with complementary solutions from third-party vendors.

Third-Party Search Merchandizing Vendors - Adobe, Avail Intelligence, Baynote, Celebros, Oracle

Affiliate Management

Enterprises often leverage affiliates in order to expand their presence and drive more traffic. Elastic Path Core Commerce Solutions works with these popular affiliate marketing solutions.

Ecommerce Affiliate Marketing - Rakuten Linkshare, Commission Junction, Channel Intelligence

Email Marketing

In order to manage their integrated marketing, Elastic Path customers leverage leading cross-channel email solutions, and tailor their digital customer experiences frequently to meet the requirements of each campaign.

Ecommerce Email Marketing - ExactTarget, Responsys