MACH Architecture

Deliver unique commerce experiences at speed. Elastic Path utilizes a MACH architecture approach and you can see more in our Demo Library.

Key Principles


Achieve superior technical agility with the freedom to compose the right solution for the unique business requirements and innovate quickly.


Accelerate time-to-market for new touchpoints and front-end applications with easy to learn and use commerce APIs.


Maximize operational efficiency with elastic scalability, robust security, and high availability of an enterprise commerce SaaS.


Support any touchpoint or front-end technology to deliver remarkable experiences and new business models.

"Elastic Path - A Great Choice For Headless Commerce Solution"




MACH Architecture provides numerous benefits and stands for Microservices, API-First, Cloud-Native & Headless. Solutions can be only parts of this architecture and each provides its own values. One of our MACH architecture experts dives deep into the world of MACH in this blog post.

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Elastic Path Microservices

Explore how Elastic Path microservices-based architecture enables superior technical agility. See how business and IT stakeholders benefit the most from this unique MACH architecture approach.

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Headless Architecture

Learn how headless commerce architecture can help you to deliver continuous customer journeys across digital and traditional touchpoints and drive revenue growth through new business models.

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Commerce API

Explore how Elastic Path APIs make it simple for the developers to develop new front-end applications and deliver consistent remarkable experiences across channels.

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