Unified Commerce Platform for Global Brands

Deliver consistent differentiated experience across multiple markets with ease

Today's buyers are in the driver's seat. They have all the information at their fingertips, including access to the lowest prices and best offers. They can easily buy products and services from anywhere in the world. To maintain sustainable business growth, brands need to think globally to build strong brands and act locally to deliver localized experiences relevant to consumers in different markets. It includes localized product assortment,  prices, currencies, content, payment methods, and even experiences. At the same time, brands should strive to meet all the different local requirements while avoiding multiple commerce platforms to optimize IT operations globally.

Localized portfolio

Powerful product catalog allowing to manage global portfolio across multiple markets:

  • Set different product assortments for different markets
  • Configure attributes by category, product, catalog, search across them and easily extend data model
  • Easily combine products into bundles and provide customers with the ability to configure products

Elastic Path provides extensive localization capabilities to address needs of independent markets:

  • Support for multiple-currencies, ability to add % mark-up to currency conversions and calculate taxes appropriately
  • Ability to support different languages including single-byte and double byte languages as well as UTF8 standard
  • Determine location based on IP address or customer profile and display the right currency and language
Supporting global expansion for reMarkable

The reMarkable team are true innovators and are the first company to create a digital notepad that feels like real paper. reMarkable launched a full-fledged commerce experience and migrated from a pre-order platform to Elastic Path in under 8 weeks with 1 frontend developer. reMarkable developed a modern tailored React application on top of the Elastic Path APIs that seamlessly integrated with their fulfillment engine. reMarkable has continued to iterate and evolve the customer experience by offering new currencies, payment methods and product lines across multiple markets.


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