Omnichannel E-commerce - Deliver a Smooth B2B Experience

How E-commerce, Amazon Business, and other sales channels can work together to deepen customer connections

Creating an Omnichannel B2B Experience for Manufacturers.


We have all heard about omnichannel e-commerce, but what is the quickest, easiest and more cost-effective way to deliver it?

This is especially important for B2B companies. The B2B buying process has rapidly evolved in the age of digital commerce transformation, and today, B2B buyers want to transact through multiple channels and touchpoints, requiring manufacturers to take their commerce capabilities beyond just a self-service website and leverage emerging tools like Amazon Business and digitally enabled sales teams.

The companies that are able to meet these demands in a way that brings a high value to their organization and their customers are taking a huge leap forward, creating a major opportunity to take that digital reach into other sources of growth.

In this webinar ecommerce expert and author Brian Beck, Amazon Business’ Karina Kornacka, and Elastic Path’s John Bruno give you the roadmap of how to incorporate omnichannel e-commerce into your commerce strategy and show you how:

  • Headless commerce can be used to transact anytime and anywhere
  • To leverage Amazon Business to stay in front of your customer, while also empowering traditional distribution channels and effectively managing channel conflict
  • A design thinking methodology can help you ideate, design and prototype innovative B2B commerce experiences
  • To make buying and selling easy, collaborative, and understand your buyers’ business needs