Headless Commerce 101: Engage Customers Across Every Touchpoint

Elastic Path | Bloomreach | BORN

Three CSOs. One webinar. Watch Now.

“The 13”. This is the latest magic number of touchpoints the average customer, both B2B and B2C are engaged with on a daily basis.

All the various channels, touchpoints and platforms you have to think about when you imagine interacting with your customers. All the places your commerce experience comes to life.

Where scale, security, and flexibility mean you can truly maximize a trusted engagement and create a unified experience across those interactions. This is where the need for a "Headless Commerce 101" comes into play.

In this webinar, join the experts from Elastic Path, Bloomreach and BORN where they dive into everything you need to know about modern commerce, customer experience engagement and how to:

  • Most effectively address challenges to increase growth and revenue
  • Gain greater speed, agility, and the ability to react to the evolving market dynamics
  • Evolve your operational and technical model to get more from the teams and resources you have