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Elastic Path Introduces Composable Commerce Solution to Simplify B2B Commerce for Branded Manufacturers

New Pre-Composed Solution™ Provides a Quick Start to Adopt Advanced Quoting, Account Management, Complex Catalog Support, and Role-Based Access


Boston, Mass. May 12, 2021Elastic Path, the leading provider of eCommerce software for brands leveraging Composable Commerce to drive digital innovation with confidence, today introduces a Composable Commerce solution to simplify B2B commerce for branded manufacturers. The Pre-Composed Solution™ for B2B Commerce is a business-ready solution providing a quick start to rapidly launch complex B2B experiences with advanced quoting, account management, complex catalog support, and role-based access.

Branded manufacturers that are focused on growing digital revenue often struggle with the complexity of activating B2B channels, including the need to integrate countless external systems and digitize core B2B processes, like quoting and account-based catalogs. As a result of this B2B complexity, many brands consider headless, API, and microservices-based technologies for their flexibility, but struggle to realize business value due to the risk and complexity of integrating multiple technologies into a complete solution. With Composable Commerce, an approach that enables brands to bring their unique digital vision to life by leveraging multiple best-of-breed vendors composed together into a complete business-ready solution, brands no longer have to compromise between the rigid B2B commerce solutions of the past or taking on the risk of stitching together modern technologies. Furthermore, Pre-Composed Solutions™, business-ready solutions pre-composed from Elastic Path commerce capabilities and 3rd party capabilities, provide the fastest way to leverage a Composable Commerce approach to grow digital revenue.

The new Pre-Composed Solution™ for B2B Commerce was developed in partnership with Systems Integrator, DigiCommerce. This solution combines core B2B commerce functionality from Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, the leading composable, API-first, headless commerce platform, with pre-built digital experiences for B2B buyers and sellers. Benefits include:

  • Launch Fast:Get to market fast with complete B2B functionality including Advanced Quoting, Account Management, Complex Catalog Support, and Role-Based Access Control
  • Customize With Ease: Flexible, microservices-based functionality that empowers brands with the control to address their unique requirements as business needs change
  • Improved Customer Experience: Provide digitally savvy B2B buyers the purchasing experience they expect and reduce cart abandonment

Additionally, many brands are also selling via B2C and/or B2B2C channels, in addition to B2B, which has historically been problematic as there has not been a single commerce platform that could adequately support all business models and channels. Brands were required to use separate commerce platforms for B2B and B2C, resulting in a siloed approach to commerce and increased cost. With the new Pre-Composed Solution™ for B2B Commerce, brands are now able to support all business models with one digital commerce platform, resulting in cost savings and increased internal workflow efficiencies.

“Having worked extensively with B2B brands, we saw the unique challenges they were faced with and how many would struggle to implement modern commerce solutions,” said Domenico D'Avirro, President of DigiCommerce. “We shared our B2B expertise with Elastic Path and what they’ve developed is the complete solution B2B brands have been looking for.”

Join Elastic Path on May 20th at 11AM ET for a live demo of the Pre-Composed Solution™ for B2B Commerce. RSVP:

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