Microservices, Made Easy

On-Demand Virtual Demo Series

Learn how Composable Commerce as-a-service will empower you to take back control of your digital vision and continuously create differentiated commerce experiences. 


Composable Commerce allows enterprises to easily assemble modular components from multiple product suites in a single best of breed commerce solution. It eliminates vendor lock-in, enables the delivery of unique customer journeys, and allows rapid response to market changes.

Register now to visit our virtual booth showcasing our Shoptalk demos to understand how our Elastic Path eliminates the complexity of microservices, so your business can go deliver unique experiences at speed.

It’s time you had the full power of microservices to create the unified experiences your customers want.

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Unified Commerce in Action

We want to do more than tell you the value of a unified commerce experience, we want to show you. It’s the only way to truly understand how impactful this kind of experience can be for both your organization and your customers.

Join us for an on-demand demo of what we would have showcased at Shoptalk 2020 to see a real-world example of how you can easily embed this new kind of conversion potential everywhere you meet your customers.

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*Premium Giveaways from Elastic Path Customer: Herschel

Who doesn't love giveaways! Attend an on-demand demo for a chance to win merchandise from Elastic Path customer and world-renowned brand, Herschel.

BONUS! As a thank you for watching a demo, we'll buy you a cup of coffee! Watch any of the eight demos to receive a $10.00 Starbucks gift card. 

*Both promotions are restricted to practitioners located within the United States. Herschel bag winners will be announced on Thursday, September 10th. Starbucks gift cards are available to the first 100 participants with one-time redemption. Update: Promotion closed.



We’re Better Together!
Meet our Virtual Demo Partners.

Together we will be showcasing joint solutions and sharing, first-hand, how our partners are changing the rules of commerce and creating revolutionary experiences for brands all over the world.

Watch an on-demand demo of what would have been showcased at the Elastic Path booth, and secure 1:1 time with a member of their team.

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Learn about a newly developed demo showing how the team at Bounteous worked with a set of APIs tailor-made for a modern JAMstack workflow to build a best-in-class eCommerce experience
in record-time.

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Available On-Demand

In this demo, you can learn first-hand how Myplanet built the demo Action on Google in just one week. Allowing customers to use Google Assistant to search for retail products exposed by Elastic Path's product catalog.

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Available On-Demand

See how customers can easily browse, get recommendations and reviews, and purchase products seamlessly through voice or chat leveraging Elastic Path Microservices and your Google Home or Google Assistant App.

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