Microservices, Made Easy

Shoptalk | Las Vegas | September 14-17, 2020

Learn about the only commerce platform that makes it
easy to unlock the value of headless microservices.

When it comes to commerce technology, a MACH architecture is no longer enough. Microservices, regardless of being part of a headless, cloud-based, API-first platform, are still a headache. They’re complex, hard to use and result in long development/deployment cycles for each and every experience.

Elastic Path Commerce Cloud is the first and only platform to take this pain away. Come chat with us at Shoptalk to understand how our commerce platform eliminates the complexity of microservices so your business can go beyond MACH to move at light speed.

It’s time you had the full power of microservices to create the unified experiences your customers want.

Unified Commerce in Action

We want to do more than tell you the value of a unified commerce experience, we want to show you

Stop by booth 3532 to understand how a single commerce platform can deliver the personalized and relevant experiences your customers expect anytime and anywhere they want.

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Take Some Time for Professional Self-Care 

Excelling as a commerce leader can leave you without time to ensure your professional profile is polished and up to date. We want to help with that.

Visit the Elastic Path booth for a complimentary headshot. Avoid what could be a long wait time and secure your spot now!

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We’re Better Together!
Meet our Partners at Shoptalk 2020.

We’re excited to share the Shoptalk floor with many of our talented partners
and happy to have a few right in our booth with us.

Together we will be showcasing how our partners are pushing the boundaries
of commerce to create revolutionary experiences for brands all over the world.

Check-out these demos at the Elastic Path booth,
and secure 1:1 time with a member of their team.


Learn about a newly developed demo showing how the team at Bounteous worked with a set of APIs tailor-made for a modern JAMstack workflow to build a best-in-class e-commerce experience
in record-time.

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Excited by the potential of headless commerce and the flexibility it offers to deliver customer experiences across channels, devices, and surfaces, Myplanet built a demo Action on Google in just one week. Allowing customers to use Google Assistant to search for retail products exposed by Elastic Path's product catalogue, as well as add to cart and checkout all within a fluid conversation, the demo showcases opportunities to give customers the experiences they are looking for.

See how you can get set up in weeks—not months—with Elastic Path

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Zilker Technology

Conversational Commerce is changing the way we purchase, giving us the ability to purchase even life's basic necessities with a spoken command or a quick written message as we move through our busy day to day lives.

See how customers can easily browse, get recommendations and reviews, and purchase products seamlessly through voice or chat leveraging EP Microservices and your Google Home or Google Assistant App.

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