Which eCommerce Project is Right for My Business?

Every business has unique problems they are looking to solve, or business initiatives that they are trying to capitalize on. For some, it could be as simple as wanting to quickly launch a specific commerce use-case (e.g. curb-side pickup), and for others, it could be more complex as setting up a new eCommerce experience within a large business or well-funded start up. Whether you fall on either end of the spectrum or somewhere in between, there are a few approaches that you can take with Elastic Path to reach your goals.

You may think of this as the match-maker guide for your business objectives. From an examination of the market, we have realized that there are three main buying personas that businesses usually fall under:

  1. The Innovation Experimenter
  2. The Growth Accelerator
  3. The New Business Expander

For each business scenario that buyers may be in, we will walk you through how Elastic Path, with your team, can help to address your needs with specific project approaches.

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  1. The Innovation Experimenter
    The Innovation Experimenter is curious and wants to test new business models or commerce capabilities, without a large upfront risk of time or investments. These buyers typically:
    • Want a new feature to solve a specific problem or address new customer needs quickly. (e.g. Self-checkout or curb-side pickup)

    • Currently use a monolithic eCommerce platform and don’t want to invest in a completely new software; but also, don’t want to waste resources to reconfigure their monolith for a single feature

    • Want to add specific functionality immediately, but also want the option to expand their commerce capabilities later down in the future

    For these types of buyers, we recommend extending their existing eCommerce platform with our commerce microservices. This project approach allows for businesses to integrate with their existing platform, whether they currently use a commerce service from Elastic Path or from other vendors such as Commercetools, Salesforce, or SAP Hybris. All you will need to do is develop your specific application on the front-end and use our APIs to seamlessly integrate with your existing commerce platform. That’s it! This type of approach will allow you to tackle innovation use-cases, while dramatically reducing the risk profile for innovation.


  2. The Growth Accelerator
    The Growth Accelerator knows exactly how they want to tackle accelerating their commerce growth, but don’t currently have the technology to do so. These buyers typically:
    • Need more flexibility from their platform to facilitate for their custom business requirements 

    • Need more speed to keep pace with innovative businesses and the demand from customers for more seamless and convenient shopping experiences

    • Want reassurance that the ideas of their new use cases will bring value to the company that didn’t already exist

    For these types of buyers, we recommend replatforming their commerce platform to a more modern, agile solution, to achieve their growth objectives. This project approach is the traditional approach that most commerce solutions support. It allows you to migrate from your existing platform to deliver your new commerce functionality.

    At Elastic Path there are two ways that you can go about migrating: incremental replatforming and forklift replatforming. The incremental replatforming allows you to do “piece-by-piece” migration at your own pace, because of the modular microservices nature of our architecture. This option is ideal if you want to minimize risk and up-front cost in the event that the changes aren’t to your liking. The forklift replatforming allows you to set a period of time for Elastic Path to fully migrate your commerce service and deploy it all at once (“rip-and-replace”). This option is ideal if large upfront costs aren’t a roadblock and your existing architecture is similar for quick migration.

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  3. The New Business Expander
    The New Business Expander is motivated about investing in a new eCommerce experience for success. These buyers are typically:
    • From well-funded startups, looking to build the right eCommerce foundation from day 1

    • From larger businesses that are investing in new business models, product lines, etc., and need a new commerce experience to drive growth for their business initiatives

    • Have an existing eCommerce channel but are willing to make the move to a new system because their customer order details are too integrated with their account system and it would be too much to migrate.

    For these types of buyers, we recommend starting fresh by designing and implementing a new eCommerce stack from scratch. This project approach allows for a business to deploy a new end-to-end commerce experience. Our team, along with your technical agency or system integrators, will build your unique commerce experience with a microservices, API-first approach. There will be no retrofitting from your old system, but rather a brand-new system built with only the functionality that you desire and nothing else.


Next Steps

We hope you found this helpful in understanding the project approaches that we employ to support your business. If you’d like to read further to find out if Elastic Path may be the right fit for your business, check out our Elastic Path checklist. If you have any question feel free to get in contact with one of our internal experts.