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Case Study - CD2 Learning

CD2 Learning

Rapidly building for unique requirements



    Use Case

    B2C Replatform

CD2 Learning chose Elastic Path because we could easily integrate their API’s into our current system, removing restrictions and allowing more flexibility in promotions, pricing options, and customized checkout flows for individualization of client experiences. It was a quick transition and extremely cost-effective compared to other eCommerce solutions. We now deliver improved user experiences in a more scalable manner and are poised to take on the challenges of additional clients in the future.

Jay Breeden President CD2 Learning

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Their Challenge 


CD2 Learning had a high demand of requests from clients to be able to deliver learning programs internally but also to sell courses externally to their customer base through an embedded commerce component.

With that need, CD2 Learning sought to create an experience where an end-user could go to a site, review a catalog of courses, select a course, check out on-site and have the content available on demand. With all of this in mind, it was also essential that it had a great user experience, was easy to develop, maintain and administer and could also integrate easily with CD2 Learning’s existing platform.

However, the project was easier said than done. As a software company, CD2 Learning went into the project believing they could build out the new offering themselves. This became an arduous project and resulted in a rigid, non-customizable solution that was band-aided together and had a poor user experience.


The Selection Process


Following the internal build, they began the process of searching externally for an eCommerce vendor that could bring their vision to life. They were looking for a vendor that could not only build out the platform but would also serve as a partner to enhance their overall commerce experience and offer support in bringing future use cases to life.

They met with a variety of vendors but everyone they met offered the same thing – the ability to set up a generic online storefront. CD2 needed a vendor as unique as their use case - to sell courses on multiple storefronts on a multi-tenancy platform.

The evaluation process took around six months with the final selection being Elastic Path. Elastic Path offered the lowest total cost of ownership and through a composable commerce, approach gave CD2 Learning the ability to build out a scalable enterprise-ready platform that solved their needs.

The Solution


After selecting Elastic Path as their eCommerce solution, the team went from concept to launch in 4 months with an internal implementation team of 10.

Today they have a flexible and configurable platform and are continuously innovating new features and functionality to meet the requirements of the learning and development professional.

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