Healthcare Digital Commerce Transformation in Record Time

How Elastic Path Commerce Cloud made this unheard-of pace of innovation a reality.

From Zero to Live in 4 weeks.

MedImpact, a leading pharmacy benefit manager recently succeeded with the fastest implementation of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud on record, going live in just 34 business days.

Realizing the rapid rate of digital transformation in the healthcare space, the trend-focused organization was able to move incredibly quickly to keep pace with customer expectations and, stay ahead of new and existing competitors. In addition, without the need to rip and replace, MedImpact will begin to see a return on their investment in a little over 4 weeks as the rest of their digital commerce transformation rolls out.

Looking into the future, in choosing Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, MedImpact has the infrastructure to support all new digital commerce initiatives down the road, significantly advancing their position in the industry.

Read this case study to see:

  • Exactly how MedImpact was able to get their Elastic Path Commerce Cloud implementation up and running in just over 30 business days.
  • Why they chose a Headless Commerce platform for their digital commerce transformation
  • How the complex needs of MedImpact were addressed and what made this previously un-heard of rate of transformation a reality.