Role-Based Access Control

Boost Productivity by Instantly Provisioning the Relevant Access to Each Unique Member of Your Team


Easily Assign Users to The Appropriate Team

Quickly and easily assign roles so that users can fulfill their responsibilities without disrupting other team’s workflows, ensuring brands can more effectively run their commerce business. B2B & B2C eCommerce teams leverage Roles-Based Access Control to manage and operationalize their teams and access.



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Keep Your Team Organized 

Assign users to specific roles, each with their own permissions, including basic, seller admin, marketing/sales, support and IT developer.   

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Drive Operational Efficiency 

Ensure that each user has the correct access to every aspect of your eCommerce instance so that they can do their job in the most efficient way.

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Role-Based Access For All Use Cases




B2B eCommerce

B2C/D2C eCommerce

Multi-Geography eCommerce


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