Core Commerce Capabilities

Flexible capabilities that can be composed into your unique “best-of-breed" commerce solution


Our commerce capabilities are API-first, microservices-based which means they can be extended and customized to meet your needs, without cumbersome and expensive workarounds.

Catalog Composer

Compose hierarchies and price books together into unlimited unique catalogs to support multiple business models, accounts, geographies, brands, and more.


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Commerce PIM

Easily import, enrich, and manage products from your existing data sources, create hierarchies based on your unique data structure, and assign products to hierarchies.

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Quickly create, launch, and manage all your promotions including cart & product-level promotions, bundles, free gifts, etc. through a single user interface.

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Quickly and easily support payments for physical, digital, and subscription goods across business models with pre-integrated for payments gateways and taxation providers.

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Orders & Inventory

Support omnichannel ordering, BOPIS support, real-time inventory checks and/or seamless integration with your preferred inventory management system.

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Pricing Management

Import pricing from ERP, or other data source, to create multiple unique price books. Deliver personalized pricing per account or customer.

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Carts & Checkout

Power omnichannel cart across touchpoints and multiple brands. Customize checkouts with extensions to meet your unique business requirements.

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Customer & Account Management

Create, manage, and remove customers and complex B2B accounts. Including, sophisticated B2B Account Management.

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