Elastic Path offers the industry’s most flexible and modern solution for Fortune 500 companies seeking to create unparalleled customer experiences that drive revenue. No other solution can match Elastic Path’s extreme customization flexibility and relentless focus on experience-driven commerce. Elastic Path has long been a favorite among ecommerce developers who prefer an open, flexible, and modern ecommerce development architecture.



All APIs are Not Created Equal

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Cortex - The Hypermedia API for Digital Business

Digital experiences are becoming essential to every business. Yet few firms have the organizational structure or technology needed to make good on their promise. In fact, research shows that the No. 1 reason for project failure is businesses hardwiring point integrations between individual customer-facing experiences and backend systems. It restricts agility and your ability to innovate. Instead, what's needed is a unified API strategy. That's why Elastic Path developed Cortex, a next-generation API that assembles and links resources across your entire organization into one seamless unified API.

Under the hood, Cortex is a patented hypermedia API conforming rigorously to the HATEOAS constraint. Cortex uses a lightweight schema and dynamic linking to discover and assemble resources from multiple business platforms into one unified API. Client applications integrated with Cortex can securely access enterprise data and perform authorized operations using only the same hypermedia controls that the internet is built on. No deeper knowledge of your business platforms or proprietary protocols are required — so the tyranny of constant integration work ends with Cortex.

Take Cortex for a free test drive, and see for yourself how easy it is to embed API-driven e-commerce functionality into any digital touchpoint.

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Built for the Age of the Consumer

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In today’s “consumer anywhere, commerce everywhere” era, customers are in the driver’s seat. They interact with brands through numerous touchpoints and purchase everywhere from point of sale, call center, mobile, web, vehicles, wearables, to internet-connected appliances – all blurring the online and offline experience. Customers demand and expect brands to deliver a consistent and seamless commerce experience across these channels – but they also want a timely, relevant and highly personalized one too.

Those companies that fail to keep pace with this new era, risk losing customers, revenue and competitive advantage. Within a fragmented and complex technology environment, delivering great customer experiences is not easy. Companies need to overcome siloed departments and disconnected business processes, integrate multiple systems and ensure customer data is managed effectively across those systems. They need a commerce platform that can enable innovation and bring commerce to any imaginable, and not yet imagined, touchpoints.

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Software Designed to be Open and Flexible

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Flexibility is a powerful catalyst for organizations that need to bridge the gulf between business users seeking rapid innovation and IT groups that need to maintain security, scalability, and performance.

Elastic Path has long attracted a cult following among IT professionals who love our Extreme FlexibilityTM. We make extensive use of trusted open source projects, allowing our customers to deploy scalable, secure, and robust applications that are unique to each environment.

WebSphere also makes use of some open source projects, such as Spring and SOLR/Lucene. However, digging deeper reveals that their persistence layer is fully proprietary. This closed approach won’t work for everybody.

Flexibility means more than just showcase logos. It’s in the DNA of a platform.

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