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Elastic Path Commerce for Utilities

With Elastic Path, You Can:

Deliver Unified Experiences

Increase customer satisfaction by connecting interactions across all channels— online, mobile, call center, and local sales, making it easy for customers to make informed decisions about their utilities.

Offer Personalized Pricing

Enable complex real-time pricing for your residential and business customers based on location, time of day, available supply and customer demand while providing personalized pricing based on customer profile and usage data.

Enable New Business Models

Drive revenue growth by experimenting with innovative business models including as-a-service, marketplace and partner-enabled and, accelerate time-to-market for your new products and services.

Embrace Smart Cities Innovation

Become a part of smart city initiatives by enabling complex IoT use-cases across the value chain. Enable data-driven real-time ordering through any connected device with an API-driven headless platform.

Leverage Advanced Pricing Capabilities

Learn how Elastic Path allows you to enable new business models and offer flexible personalized pricing for each customer depending on their profile, behavior, location, sales channel and other criteria.

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Tame Complexity with Robust Catalog Capabilities

Learn how Elastic Path enables you to easily create and manage complex product catalogs, construct product bundles and bring new offerings to market quickly across channels.

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Explore Headless Architecture for Your Business

Explore how headless architecture can help you to enable new business models and serve new customer segments as well as to deliver superior customer experience across traditional and digital touchpoints.

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