CoreMedia powered by Elastic Path

From full stack to open, headless platforms
Top-performing companies must continuously innovate to maintain their advantage. Inflexible, full-stack legacy commerce systems can no longer keep up with the growing number of devices and emerging sales channels. Instead, legacy systems stifle innovation and grow increasingly costly over time.
CoreMedia ecommerce is the future
Top brands are abandoning siloed, single-stacks for more flexible, headless content and commerce solutions that scale with their business needs, offer a competitive edge, and provide the opportunity to monetize and reinvent customer experiences.

The CoreMedia Content Cloud and Elastic Path Commerce Integration

  • Allows customer experience designers to seamlessly blend extraordinary content-driven experiences with product pricing, promotion and transactional capabilities.
  • One experience can drive any touchpoint without extra work.
  • Consistent, content-led experiences including shopping cart and check-out processes with no "switching over" to a new experience for payment.
  • Makes it easy for business users to create and edit content in real time.
  • Allows customer experience designers to create commerce banners and clickable image maps to link products to images.
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