Elastic Path vs Adobe Commerce (Magento)

Frustrated with a rigid catalog? Upgrade to Elastic Path to merchandize with ease.

Elastic Path vs Adobe Commerce (Magento):


Merchandise with Ease

Unlimited catalogs, hierarchies, and pricebooks offer unparalleled flexibility to deliver products in the right context to your customers.

Progressive Replatforming

Ease your transition to Composable Commerce with an incremental approach to end replatforming for good with a microservices based SaaS solution ready for the future.

Compose Your Solution

Leverage a Composable Commerce approach that works for you. Say goodbye to the sub-power functionality of a monolith with a best-of-breed solution.

Faster Page Load Speed

Deliver lightning-fast experiences across any touchpoint or channel. Powered by a modern highly extensible microservices architecture.

Elastic Path vs Adobe Commerce (Magento) FAQs



"We have a complex and dynamic business, so embracing Composable Commerce will be key to our ability to achieve our digital commerce vision in a way that enables us to move fast, support our unique business requirements, and delight our customers and partners.” Rebecca Hicks, Senior Manager Digital Experience, Pella Corporation.

Rebecca Hicks

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Top Considerations When Choosing to Migrate to Adobe Commerce (Magento)

You’ve probably seen many articles on migrating from Magento 1 to 2 or another similar platform in your quest to work out what is the best solution to your problem but we’re here to compare the differences between what’s required to migrate to Magento 2 vs migrating to a lightweight, headless solution, like Elastic Path.

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Migrating from Adobe Commerce (Magento) to Elastic Path Guide

We want to make it easy for you to migrate from your monolithic platform. Consider these best practices outlined when choosing to migrate.

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Replatforming eCommerce Simplified

Break away from rigid legacy eCommerce platforms. Outpace the competition and deliver differentiated experiences to your customers with Elastic Path.

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