Conveying intimacy and customer-centricity of in-store to luxury clientele online.

Who They Are 

If you haven’t heard of Larusmiani, you probably can’t afford to shop there. It’s an Italian luxury clothing brand founded in 1922 by Guglielmo Miani and enviously located on the exclusive Via Monte Napoleone in Milan, Italy. At Larusmiani, shopping is an experience like no other, and the customer is at the center of attention.

Market: Europe

Industry: Fashion 


Bringing far away Customers Closer to the Store

Larusmiani struggled to extend its customer-centric store experience and reflect the boutique’s intimacy online. The brand doesn’t expect a great deal of people who stumble upon the website to buy something because they like what they see. Larusmiani hopes instead to bring its existing customers closer to the store when they’re far away from Via Monte Napoleone.

The lifetime value of Larusmiani’s repeat customers is enormous, but a lot of them don’t live in Milan. They may visit the city on business once in a while or stop in when they’re in Italy on holiday. They might even make a trip to Milan specifically to shop, not just at Larusmiani but also at some of the other stores on that most exclusive of streets.

Now that the website is powered by Elastic Path Commerce, Larusmiani can stay connected with customers all around the world and deliver the highly personalized experiences and concierge services Larusmiani customers have come to expect.


Unified Online and In-Store Experiences

By integrating Adobe Experience Manager with Elastic Path Commerce, online experiences are infused with content that shoppers can interact with and inspire their personal style. Elastic Path Commerce ensures that every known detail about a customer’s past purchases, style choices, and preferences is available both online and in-store at the store associates’ fingertips. If a customer is planning a trip soon, they can browse online, see what’s new, and pre-select items to try on with an associate who provides personalized attention and tailoring. Associates can even curate additional things they think the customer might like by using a tablet to drag and drop images and create virtual looks. These items might not yet be available but can be purchased ahead of time and shipped later. Plus, an e-concierge provides a host of exclusive services, such as booking a personal chauffeur to pick-up customers in a rare Bentley or providing assistance for the upkeep of purchased clothing. Soon, sales associates will be able to receive booking requests on their tablets and use those same tablets to checkout customers, truly allowing the brand to create a seamless connection between customers’ experience in-store and online.


Onward into the Future

In the future, Larusmiani intends to build additional features powered by Elastic Path Commerce that most online stores don’t even need, such as the ability to schedule appointments and choose which tailor to work with. Sales associates will receive requests and accept bookings on their tablets and may even be able to chat with customers remotely.

With the flexibility of Elastic Path Commerce and its Cortex API, Larusmiani can continue to enhance customer experiences by easily adding innovative services like shoppable 3D images and videos. The brand’s imagination is the limit. In the meantime, its lifelong customers are already happier now that they can engage the brand through the website, at any time, even when they’re thousands of miles from Italy.