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Mar 19, 2024 | 8 minute read

How Elastic Path Can Bring Your Unique Springtime Commerce Vision to Life

written by Seamus Roddy

Springtime means longer days, short sleeves, and… the ability to get products moving and drive revenue?

Not everybody thinks about conversions and customer LTV when the snow melts. But merchandisers and marketers are trained to find any opportunity to put products in front of customers in new, engaging ways.

If you’re looking for springtime commerce ideas, we have four fresh suggestions for this spring. Read and watch to see how our family of modular, composable, business-user friendly products will bring each of these ideas to life fast.

Elastic Path Powers Springtime Merchandising and Marketing

  1. Spring-themed shoppable landing pages
  2. Springtime product bundles and product recommendations
  3. Coupons and discounts just for spring
  4. Engagement with customers who bought in the fall or winter

Spring-themed shoppable landing pages

Whether you’re launching a new product or want to spin up a new marketing campaign, shoppable landing pages are a must.

A shoppable landing page enables you to put branded, product-featured content in front of customers that use search engines, social media platforms, and more. Commerce enablement means that you can drive sales directly from these pages – all while running A/B tests on conversions, clicks, purchases, and suite of page elements to make sure you are capturing consumer attention.

Consider creating shoppable landing pages featuring spring-themed products, or bid on spring-related keywords and link to a shoppable landing page with your most in-demand products.

How fast can you create shoppable landing pages? With Elastic Path CX Studio, you can launch an optimized, visually appealing landing page in minutes – no development or IT work required.

Springtime product bundles and product catalogs

Whether they realize it or not, consumers who want to buy one product are likely to be interested in others. That’s why it’s worthwhile to offer consumers seasonal product bundles and catalogs.

Product bundles are an established and effective way to package related products. Traditional product bundles are a prepackaged selection of products – for example, a dress, two belts, and two pre-selected sets of earrings.

Dynamic product bundles give buyers the ability to choose options within a bundle. As a brand, you identify components – say a dress, belts, and earrings. Then, buyers get to choose the options within those components – one of five available dresses, two of eight available belts, two of 10 available earrings.

For seasonal products, dynamic bundles offer complete choice and the chance to upcharge and boost profit margins. With Elastic Path Product Experience Manager, you can build dynamic bundles in a matter of minutes – turbocharging sales and giving your merchandisers complete control and flexibility.

Another effective springtime merchandising strategy is to create a special springtime product catalog. This catalog can include new and existing products that are perfect for spring. Within the catalog, you can set discounts, run promotions, or even apply special springtime coupon codes. You don’t need development work or IT to create a catalog – do it in less than 90 seconds with Product Experience Manager.

Flash sales built for spring

If you start to think about merchandising, it won't be long until sales and discounts come to mind. The dawn of spring, like every event, can occasion sales that boost AOV and get inventory off your shelves.

The best seasonal sales inject buyers with urgency and excitement, which is why we recommend flash sales this spring. Flash sales are a discount or promotion that is offered for a limited amount of time. Flash sales could last weeks, days, hours, or even minutes – and are often tied to real-life events.

This spring, you can run a flash sale for the first day of spring, or for the day of the partial solar eclipse, or for April Fool’s Day or Memorial Day or the Opening Day of Major League Baseball.

Ready to turbocharge AOV with strong flash sales? See how you can set up a flash sale for your online store in a matter of minutes with Product Experience Manager.

Engagement with customers who bought in the fall or winter

Our final tip for springtime commerce is that when you look for business, you should consider first engaging with customers who bought or engaged with your brand this past winter or fall.

Why is it worth reengaging with past buyers to start off this spring? The cost of acquisition and the promise of repeat business.

Acquiring new customers costs five to 10 times more than selling to a current customer, and current customers spend 67% more on average than buyers who are new to your business. You owe it to your existing customers – and to your brand – to give those customers attention now that a new season has sprung.

Of course, knowing what additional or new products to surface on your site or through marketing emails for customers who have purchased in the past requires accurate first-party data. Plus, when it comes to offering promotions and discounts to repeat customers, you need to know who requires a discount and who is willing to buy at full price if you want to maximize profit margins.

Our integration with Twilio Segment enables all brands – not just those with dedicated data teams and big budgets – to offer true 1:1 personalization. Watch to see how your marketers and merchandisers can launch dynamic storefronts and marketing content that adapts in real time to real user preferences – giving your prospects the experiences they need to buy.

Ready to launch springtime commerce experiences that boost conversions and drive revenue? Try an Elastic Path demo today to see just how accessible leading merchandising is for your brand.

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