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Dec 15, 2022 | 7 minute read

An Inside Look Working as a Marketing Co-Op

written by Kirsten Aebersold

Elastic Path's culture values learning and development from the very core. We embrace the young, bright minds within the technical industry and provide opportunities for these students to obtain on-the-job experience with cutting-edge technology in the e-commerce space. Many of our Co-Op/internship students choose to return to Elastic Path once completing their studies because of the exceptional experience we offer them. 

The hiring process for most of our Co-Ops begins a few months prior to the start of the semester, which is usually September, January and May of each year. Elastic Path’s recruiting team usually conducts internal interviews and we partner with various universities/colleges across Canada, the United States and United Kingdom to hire great talent globally. 

The latest blog in our Inside Elastic Path series features our Marketing Co-Ops, and we are thrilled to showcase their journey at Elastic Path! 

Graphic Design Co-Op Caroline Taylor

Caroline has spent 6 months on the marketing team with us as a "Graphic Design Co-Op," and joined Elastic Path in June of 2022. Caroline is from Toronto, Ontario and is currently studying towards a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Studies and Graphic and Informational Design. She has Minors in Marketing and Sports Media at Northeastern University. She is planning to graduate in May 2024. Caroline has demonstrated amazing growth during her co-op term and has shared her experience here at Elastic Path in the testimonial below. Caroline will be completing her Co-Op at the end of this year.

Digital Marketing Co-Op Aiden Murphy

Please welcome Aiden Murphy, the “Digital Marketing Co-Op” on our Marketing team. Aiden has also spent 6 months with us, and joined Elastic Path in July 2022. He will be completing his Co-Op term at the end of this year. Aiden is from Boston, Massachusetts and is currently studying towards a Bachelors of Science degree in Business Administration. He has a Concentration in Entrepreneurship and New Venture Management & a Minor in French at Northeastern University, and is planning to graduate in May 2023. Aiden has proven his skills in digital marketing during his time at Elastic Path and we are excited to share his experience in the testimonial below. 



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Caroline Taylor's Testimonial:

Q.  What did you enjoy most about your internship with Elastic Path?

 - While searching for a Co-Op, Elastic Path stood out to me due to the opportunity to truly be a part of the team and have creative freedom in the work I do. From the less creative editing of slide decks, to creating advertisements and designing socks or stickers for trade shows every day during my time at Elastic Path has been different. I have yet to have a day where I am not excited to go to work. Being able to have so much flexibility and independence during my first co-op is one of the things that I value most about this experience. 

Q. What was the biggest learning during your internship?

 - Coming into this Co-Op as a graphic design and communications student, I knew very little about the tech and e-commerce industry. Elastic Path made it easy for me to gain a large amount of knowledge quickly during my onboarding experience, and I continued to learn more throughout my Co-Op. Another notable learning was balancing being the only individual with a graphic design background on my team. Learning how to balance people's ideas and branding with design principles and accessibility was something I learned to manage and value. My team and manager were there every step of the way to answer any questions and give feedback during my experience.

Q. What are you most proud of from your time at Elastic Path?

 - During my Co-Op I have worked on various projects and am proud of each in various ways. The three that I am most proud of were the new LinkedIn campaigns, and creating custom infographic and merchandise for trade shows. Each of these allowed me to exercise my graphic design skills in several ways. Myself and Aiden worked on developing new concepts for LinkedIn advertisements that differed from our regular content, this allowed me to push my creativity in a more formal sense. Additionally, I worked on two sets of stickers and socks for one of our trade shows that allowed me to have creative freedom in a more playful sense. The custom infographics I created for one of our blog posts was a happy medium between the two. 

Q. What advice would you give to future Elastic Path interns/Co-Ops?

 - My biggest piece of advice for future Elastic Path Co-Ops is to push yourself to try new things and meet new people. If there is something that you want to try, ask to try it out because this is the perfect place to test new ideas and learn from them. Your team at Elastic Path wants you to succeed and take advantage of the co-op experience so don’t take it for granted!

Aiden Murphy’s Testimonial

Q.  What did you enjoy most about your internship with Elastic Path?

 - What stood out to me the most was the independence and encouragement from my manager and the rest of the team members here at Elastic Path. I got to work on a diverse set of projects and tasks such as making web page recommendations, performing search engine optimization research, designing ad mockups and web pages, and much more. I consider myself a very proactive person and like to be challenged consistently, which was a constant part of my experience in my Co-Op position at Elastic Path. 

Q. What was the biggest learning during your internship?

 - My biggest learning experience at Elastic Path was easily web page designing and building. It took me several months to understand just the fundamentals of a website, let alone an enterprise-level website that adheres to several constraints like branding, technical capabilities, content schedules, graphic designing, and much more. After six months, I feel confident in my abilities to create a successful, professional-looking online presence that meets the standards and criteria of a modern, fast-growing brand. 

Q. What are you most proud of from your time at Elastic Path?

 - I am most proud of the work that Caroline and I were able to achieve with the Marketing team’s account-based-marketing campaigns on LinkedIn. It was easily my longest and most arduous project here at Elastic Path. My contributions included performance analyses of all campaigns to-date, designing ad mock-ups to update the look and feel of our ads, pitching my own creative ideas and suggestions, and several review and reiterations rounds with managers and superiors. It is something I was given the opportunity to own from start to finish. 

Q. What advice would you give to future Elastic Path interns/Co-Ops?

 - One piece of advice I would give for other future Co-Ops and interns is if there is anything you want to learn at Elastic Path, always bring it up. No one will say “no” to you right away, at least until after you make your pitch. Sometimes an opportunity might take some pre-work and preparation, but if you’re curious and show enough initiative there is no door that is truly closed. There are countless opportunities and room for growth for anyone at Elastic Path. 

Quick thank you to Caroline and Aiden for their time spent with us at Elastic Path and wishing them all the best with their studies and future careers.