May 29th, 2019 | 1 MIN READ

Flows awareness month roundup: Atomic-level control over your data

Written by Leanne Clegg

Leanne is an experienced manager with a proven ability to leverage both technical and non-technical knowledge to meet ambitious company goals and gain commercial success through delivery of creative campaigns and user experience.

We dedicated May to be Flows Awareness month. In case you don't know, Flows allows you to take control of your data by giving you the ability to customize it to suit your eCommerce project. For example you can add additional details to existing resources in your store or even create new resources to add features that are not yet part of the Elastic Path APIs. 

Throughout the month, we've produced lots of content to help you understand what Flows is, how to implement Flows and the benefits of Flows. To summarize, here's everything we've done this month:

If you have any use cases that you've used Flows for that would be worth sharing with our community, join us over on Spectrum where you can tell people exactly what you've been using this powerful feature for. 

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