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Feb 21, 2023 | 3 minute read

One-Click Checkout with EP Payments Boosts Conversions & Checkout Speed

written by Tamra Gray

Customer expectations are escalating rapidly, and what people learn to love in one industry—like effortless food delivery—increasingly defines what they expect from other industries. These ever-shifting expectations put pressure on businesses to meet their customers where they are—delivering products faster, cheaper, and more seamlessly than ever.

Most checkout experiences have upwards of 18 fields, adding to a long, complicated checkout process and giving customers the perfect opportunity to abandon their carts. According to the Baymard Institute, 70% of customers will leave when the checkout process takes too long. Other research finds that most sites only need eight form fields for a checkout flow. Watch our webinar to learn how to overcome the five common checkout mistakes that over 90% of brands make.

At Elastic Path, we obsess over checkout optimization, to help brands improve their conversion rates continually. We’re thrilled to offer one-click checkout for all businesses using EP Payments, powered by Stripe, at no extra cost.

How easy is it for customers to use one-click checkout? See for yourself: the examples below showcase the benefit of a simple and intuitive checkout flow for your customers.

One-click checkout relies on the largest “rapid checkout” network in the industry; with Stripe’s 30M+ known customers, one-click checkout auto-fills your customers' payment and shipping details so they can check-out in a single click. Enabling one-click checkout is easy; simply add and customize the payment element on the frontend, your customers will enjoy an easy and secure checkout experience.

Elastic Path Payments

Support complex checkouts across brands and channels.

Drive Tangible Business Results:

  • Increase conversions.Reduce cart abandonment by creating a frictionless, fast checkout experience. One-click checkout increases conversion rates by over 7% for known customers.
  • Speed up checkout. By optimizing the process, customers can check-out in just six seconds— nine times faster than anonymous customers.
  • Optimize the user experience. A simple checkout flow creates a better user experience for returning customers. Known customers purchase four times more often than anonymous customers.

The one-click checkout experience is just as safe as it is simple for customers. The sensitive data is encrypted to keep it secure, and as a certified PCI Service Provider Level 1, EP Payments one-click checkout meets the highest level of certification available in the payments industry. Other benefits include:

1. Saves Customer Payment Info
Customers that choose to save their payment details and shipping address to your one-click checkout-enabled storefront experience a quicker checkout. It auto-fills saved payment details and a shipping address with just a few simple steps.


2. Security: Mobile Verification
When customers use one-click checkout on a new site or new device, they’ll receive a one-time code to verify their identity.


3. Improve Checkout Speed
Enable buyers to check out in just six seconds—that’s nine times faster for known customers versus anonymous customers.


Optimizing checkout speed and ease of use is critical for an exceptional checkout experience. Existing customers can visit EP Payments to turn on one-click checkout. If you’re a new customer, we’d love to chat with you today to see how EP Payments and one-click checkout can supercharge your conversion rates.

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