Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud is the world’s best solution for integrating ecommerce with Adobe Experience Manager (AEM). It’s a revolutionary product designed specifically to enhance and add value to your Adobe Marketing Cloud investment. Out of the box, it brings robust merchandising, monetization, and customer management directly to Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and Adobe Campaign – giving you one combined platform to create amazing, transactional customer experiences.
Made for Adobe ecommerce business solution partner

Made for Adobe

Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud was designed from the ground up to complement Adobe. Ecommerce systems from other vendors have limited or complicated Adobe integrations, however, our special edition perfectly complements all your Adobe products, right out of the box, without adding unnecessary complexity.

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All the commerce you need

Elastic Path adds key transactional capabilities directly to Adobe. Ecommerce features are now within your reach, including merchandising, pricing, promotions, order capture, customer care, and more. What it doesn’t include are all the content and presentation features you already own as part of your existing Adobe Marketing Cloud licence.

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If you're into Marketing Cloud, this Adobe ecommerce software is for you

Commerce and content, together at last

If you're into Marketing Cloud, this Adobe ecommerce platform is for you

Customer experiences powered by Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud are rich, immersive, and easy to create. Elastic Path offers the biggest, most comprehensive library of ecommerce components and add-ons – making it faster and easier to build websites, mobile apps, and other responsive designs that incorporate sophisticated ecommerce functionality. These can be developed and managed entirely by marketers within the authoring environment, just like traditional, content-only digital experiences.

More components, better experiences

Adobe Ecommerce - Commerce and content, together at last

Size matters when it comes to the sidekick palette in Adobe Experience Manager (AEM), so Elastic Path Commerce adds the industry's largest selection of commerce elements into yours. From the basic display of products to sophisticated modules for responsive merchandising, our Live Authoring components bring unlimited transactional possibilities to the Adobe Marketing Cloud. It's a simple formula: When you have more components, you have more flexibility to build better experiences. With Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud, you always have best-of-breed tools for ecommerce websites at your fingertips.

Not just bigger, but better

Elastic Path Live Authoring components are different from those that come with ecommerce offerings from other vendors. They're incredibly fine-grained and configurable, which means that you can mix and move them anywhere within a design to create the perfect customer buying journey. And once you're done, you can test and optimize every layout – including cart and checkout – with Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target, because our sophisticated ecommerce components work seamlessly with all your Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions.

Adobe Ecommerce - Commerce and content, together at last

Why choose Elastic Path Commerce for Adobe Marketing Cloud

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Discover Adobe Ecommerce for Unique Digital Exeriences

Built for today's brands

Add the best ecommerce solution to Adobe Marketing Cloud, and create amazing customer experiences. Elastic Path puts the perfect combination of commerce and content into the hands of brand marketers.

Built for every experience

Don’t make your customers link to an online store. Drag and drop commerce into every digital moment that you create in Adobe Marketing Cloud — from brand sites and mobile apps to social campaigns.

Built to drive revenue

Benefit from proven, battle-hardened ecommerce features like bundling and personalized pricing that already generates billions in digital revenue every year.

Built for ultimate flexibility

Best-of-breed ecommerce and experience management come together with the industry's biggest library of CQ5 components that let you design and optimize the perfect layout for every buying experience.

Built for digital marketers

View, organize, and manage transactional data such as prices, promotions, and offers in Adobe Experience Manager — right alongside your creative assets.

Built for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Connect products, promotions, and order capture to all your Adobe Marketing Cloud campaigns — and eliminate the distance between brand marketing and actually selling.

Industry leaders choose Elastic Path & Adobe

Virgin Media
Western Union
McGraw Hill Education
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Your next steps toward experience-driven commerce

Download the product guide
Download the product guide

Learn about the benefits of choosing the only commerce solution specifically designed for Adobe Marketing Cloud.



Find out how to achieve the perfect choreography between your ecommerce and content management systems.


Partnership News
Partnership News

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