If you're in the Marketing Cloud, this is the commerce platform for you

Discover Adobe Ecommerce for Unique Digital Exeriences

Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager is a revolutionary commerce CMS product designed specifically to take your Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions to the next level. With only three installation steps, this Adobe commerce solution adds robust, enterprise-grade merchandising, monetization, and customer management features directly to Adobe Experience Manager, Adobe Target, Adobe Analytics, and other Adobe Marketing Cloud solutions — giving you the perfect platform to create amazing, transactional customer experiences.

Made for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager was designed from the ground up to complement Adobe Marketing Cloud. Unlike standalone commerce suites that have only light Adobe ecommerce integration, it's unencumbered by redundant features and engineered to work perfectly with your Adobe solutions, right out of the box.

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Discover Adobe Ecommerce for Unique Digital Exeriences

If you're into Marketing Cloud, this Adobe ecommerce software is for you

Commerce and content, together at last

If you're into Marketing Cloud, this Adobe ecommerce platform is for you

Transactional experiences powered by Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager are rich, immersive, and easy to create. Websites, mobile apps, and other responsive designs that incorporate sophisticated ecommerce functionality can be developed and managed entirely by marketing teams using Adobe Experience Manager, in exactly the same way as traditional content-only experiences.

All the commerce capabilities you need

Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager brings a wealth of transactional functionality directly into Adobe Marketing Cloud — including product information management, advanced bundling, and responsive pricing.

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More components, better experiences

Commerce and content, together at last

Size matters when it comes to the sidekick palette in Adobe Experience Manager, so Elastic Path puts the industry's biggest library of commerce elements into yours. From the basic display of products to sophisticated modules for responsive merchandising, our Live Authoring components add unlimited transactional possibilities to Adobe Marketing Cloud. It's a simple formula: When you have more components, you have more flexibility to build better experiences.

Not just bigger, but better as well

Elastic Path Live Authoring components are very different from those that come with other Adobe ecommerce software. They're incredibly fine-grained and configurable, which means that you can mix and move them anywhere within a digital experience to create the perfect buying journey for each customer. And once you're done, you can test and optimize your designs with the power of Adobe Analytics and Adobe Target — because Elastic Path components operate seamlessly in Adobe Marketing Cloud.

Commerce and content, together at last

Why choose Elastic Path Edition for Adobe Experience Manager

Built for today's brands

Add the best ecommerce CMS solution to all your marketing efforts, and create remarkable customer experiences with the perfect mix of content and transactions.

Built for every experience

Drag and drop commerce into every digital moment that you create in Adobe Marketing Cloud — from websites and mobile apps to social campaigns.

Built to drive revenue

Benefit from proven, battle-hardened features like bundling and responsive pricing that already drive more than $6.5 billion in digital revenue every year.

Built for ultimate flexibility

Get the industry's biggest library of CQ5 ecommerce components that let you design, test, and optimize the perfect layout for every buying experience.

Built for digital marketers

Organize and manage transactional elements such as prices and offers in Adobe Marketing Cloud — right alongside your creative assets.

Built for Adobe Marketing Cloud

Bring products, promotions, and ordering to all your Adobe Marketing Cloud efforts — and eliminate the distance between branding and selling.

Industry leaders choose Elastic Path & Adobe

Virgin Media
McGraw Hill Education
Western Union

Your next steps toward experience-driven commerce

Download the product guide
Download the product guide

Learn about the benefits of choosing the only commerce solution specifically designed for Adobe Marketing Cloud.



In this webinar, we explain how you can achieve perfect choreography between your ecommerce and content management systems.


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