In Store Contactless Check-out

Eliminate the waiting time for your customers and deliver superior customer experience in your stores with contactless cards, tap to pay and more

Connect with shoppers right where they stand. Create unique, fun experiences like pop-up shops, stores-within-stores, trunk sales, and more with minimal lead time and preparation. Avoid getting bogged down trying to set up a full POS to engage and sell to on-site shoppers.

Safe and Convenient Experience

Give your customers hassle-free shopping experience at your retail stores. Our in-store self-checkout solution allows consumers to skip the lines and kiosks by turning their smartphone into a POS:

  • Full self-service experience
  • No needing to download a mobile app
  • Contactless payments
See Contactless Check-Out in Action

Learn how Stance has created excellent experience for their guests across the customer journey with mobile self-checkout.

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“We selected Elastic Path for its powerful APIs, flexibility, and the robust documentation. The support from the entire Elastic Path team throughout the sales cycle into implementation has demonstrated their commitment to our success and further validates our selection choice.”


—Rebecca Hicks,
Senior Manager Digital Experience, Pella Windows & Doors




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