eCommerce for Consumer Goods Brands

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Stand Out with Differentiated Experiences


Make your Brand Unforgettable

In today’s eCommerce landscape every moment is shoppable. You must go well beyond a mobile-friendly site, clever branding, and a unique product offering. Today’s shopper expects an experience, especially in the consumer goods industry. Brands need a commerce platform that enables these expectations.  

Merchandise Consistently Across Channels

Physical stores are just a single touchpoint in a shopper’s journey. You must also consider the brand experience across devices, on social media, on a dedicated app, or however your shopper is finding you and choosing to engage with your brand. With Elastic Path you create memorable experiences your customers expect and can’t do without. 

Power Lightning-Fast Experiences

Today’s shoppers expect fast and simple-to-navigate experiences, or they’ll abandon their browsing session. Forget dated, legacy technology that drags down your site performance. Embrace a faster, more flexible architecture to ensure performance.

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Bring Your Unique Commerce Vision to Life

With so many considerations and emerging technologies it can be daunting to navigate solutions. Things can change in the blink of an eye. And with today’s digital consumer you’ll need to leverage every tool possible to stay competitive.

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