AI in Ecommerce

The Future of Customer Experience

Maximize the use of AI within your business. Read the whitepaper. 

2020 is here, but did you know it was predicted that by now, 85% of customer service interactions would be powered by AI bots? Did you also know of the estimation that by this year, 100 million consumers would shop using AR technology? The use of AI in commerce will become the future of customer experience more and more, are you using it to the best of its ability?

The use of AI in commerce has so much potential in part because AI is a chameleon — it morphs and adapts depending on consumers’ needs. Perhaps AI’s greatest trick though, is how it plays a dual role of being both a money-maker and, a money saver. For example, augmented reality is as close to a living, breathing purchase experience a customer can get. From an operational standpoint, integrating AI into data analysis means infinitely more information can be processed than a human being could handle, freeing up more time for your team to spend engaging and selling to customers.

In this whitepaper, we share the three main areas within AI you should focus your attention right now to maximize its effectiveness, how leading brands are using AI to not only deeply engage their customers but also eliminate major pain points their customers are experiencing and, how you can understand the digital maturity of your team in relation to effectively leveraging all that artificial intelligence has to offer in the future of customer experience.