Solution for Dealer-Enabled D2C Commerce

Rapidly Launch and Optimize Faster Than Ever Before

Check out our 30-minute on-demand demo to see how you can launch a D2C channel without creating channel conflict.

ThisSolution for Dealer-Enabled D2C Commerce eliminates the complexity of launching a dealer-integrated D2C channel by pre-assembling core commerce functionality from Elastic Path with Contentful for CMS, Algolia for search, and Stripe for payments, so you can get live in weeks – not months.

Plus, since this solution is built using microservices-based architecture and Cnetric’s Universal Commerce Suite, it’s easy and fast to optimize on demand as customer needs and competitive pressures change (30 mins to switch third-party solutions).

This solutions offers:

  • Speed to market: Brands can get up and running in with D2C weeks while also continuing to include their dealers and rapidly onboard dealers to the dealer portal
  • Ease of optimization: New third party technologies can be rapidly added and removed as necessary thanks to the Universal Commerce Framework
  • Drive more digital revenue & eliminate channel conflict: Leverage your existing dealer relationships and go D2C to reach more customers.