On-Demand Demo

Pre-Composed Solution™ for Multi-Touchpoint Experiences

Featuring Bloomreach, Elastic Path & Vue Storefront

We’ve made it easy to embrace Composable Commerce with our business-ready solution for multi-touchpoint experiences.


With this Pre-Composed Solution™, you can do everything from importing and organizing products into catalogs, supporting modern product merchandising and search strategies, designing dynamic frontend experiences, and more. Empower your team to unleash their creativity and quickly launch and optimize differentiated experiences across touchpoints without reliance on your development team.

Watch the on-demand demo (no slides, no pitch) to see the solution for yourself and how Bloomreach, Elastic Path, and Vue Storefront work together to make this seamless multi-touchpoint experience possible.

In this demo, you'll learn how to: 

  • Set up a bespoke experience for a new touchpoint 
  • Quickly implement price strategies that drive revenue 
  • Customize with ease