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Leading Pharmacy Benefit Manager MedImpact Partners with Elastic Path, Launches E-Commerce Experience in Just 30 Business Days

MedImpact’s America’s Pharmacy prescription savings program now enables consumers to shop online

VANCOUVER, BC — October 29, 2019 Elastic Path, the leading provider of enterprise API commerce solutions, today announced the successful launch of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, its headless cloud-based commerce solution, for MedImpact, one of the nation’s 5 largest pharmacy benefit managers (PBM).  With this functionality, consumers visiting MedImpact’s America’s Pharmacy website can seamlessly purchase prescription medications at steep discounts for home delivery or in store pickup.

“Elastic Path’s technology is providing us a stellar e-commerce solution and a platform that will enable us to expand our online offerings easily in the future,” said Raj Ramaswamy, Director of Technology at MedImpact. “It is modular, flexible, powerful and it was live in less than a month.”

America’s Pharmacy lets consumers compare prescription prices at local and mail order pharmacies, download a virtual coupon for up to 80% off, and purchase medications for home delivery or in store pickup. The new commerce experience provided by Elastic Path allows an all-digital transaction and gives MedImpact greater visibility into the customers’ purchase journey from start to finish.

“Convenience in commerce is becoming increasingly important across all industries, not just retail.” said Andrej Maihorn, Vice President of Industry Solutions at Elastic Path. “MedImpact recognized a need to better serve their customers and we wanted to provide the resources for effective purchase methods right away. With the new experience live in just a month — something that takes the typical provider at least six months — MedImpact substantially advances their position in the industry.”

The partnership contributes to Elastic Path’s continued development of Elastic Path Commerce Cloud, launched in January. The cloud-based platform, built from the proven Elastic Path Commerce solution, provides businesses with flexible and efficient purchase experiences anytime, anywhere.

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