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Elastic Path Introduces Ultra-Flexible and Easy-to-Use Digital Commerce Catalog For Branded Manufacturers


New Product Content Management Service Provides the Flexibility and Control Required To Simplify eCommerce Catalog Management Across Multiple Account Types, Brands, Geographies, Touchpoints, and Business Models at Scale.


Boston, Mass. March 18, 2021 - Elastic Path, the leading provider of eCommerce software for brands driving digital differentiation with Composable Commerce, today announced a new Product Content Management service to provide branded manufacturers with the level of flexibility and control required in order to streamline the management of their digital commerce catalogs across multiple account types, brands, geographies, touchpoints and business models.

The catalog functionality is central to any eCommerce platform, defining what can be sold and how quickly new products can be brought to market across different channels. Until today, commerce platforms coupled together the catalogs, products, hierarchies, and price books functionality into a single platform capability, creating an inherent rigidity that forced brands to implement expensive, time-consuming, and complicated workarounds to support their unique assortments and pricing per catalog, make the same updates across catalogs, and force-fit their catalog data into a platform’s rigid data schema. This results in delayed time-to-market for new products, stifled innovation for new account types, delayed catalog updates, and ultimately a negative impact on revenue and customer experience.

The new Product Content Management service in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud empowers branded manufacturers with an ultra-flexible, and incredibly easy, way to launch and manage offerings across a range of business scenarios, including different geographies, touchpoints, brands, account types (e.g., tiered reseller pricing, reward pricing, etc.), and business models. This new functionality puts the control back in the hands of branded manufacturers so they can confidently support and sell the right products at the right price in the right channel, thereby accelerating time-to-market and supercharging digital revenue.

The Product Content Management service is made up of three new, fully decoupled microservices that can support a limitless array of options: Product & Hierarchies, Catalog, and Price Books. Benefits include:

  • Unlimited Catalogs: Seamlessly create and manage diverse products & product catalogs across multiple brands, account types, business models, account types, touchpoints, and brands
  • Freedom to Innovate: Design and deploy product configurators with dynamic pricing, flexible discounts, and custom attributes that your brand needs
  • Flexible Data Structure: Total control for brands to use their existing product data schema
  • Improved Customer Performance: High-performance catalogs enable fast end-user browsing and higher conversion rates

“By breaking down Product Content Management into distinct microservices, we’re able to give our customers tremendous flexibility in their product catalog to meet their business requirements and always deliver the right product to the right user at the correct price,” said Bryan House, Senior Vice President of Product. “The driving force in development of this service was ease of use. Customers will benefit from configurable fields, a high level of reusability, and support for custom data models. Updating product catalogs is no longer a headache, but rather an area of potential innovation.”

Join us on Tuesday, April 27th at 11:30 AM EDT to for a live demo of Product Content Management. Register Now.

The Product Catalog Management service is included as core functionality in Elastic Path Commerce Cloud and is available to existing customers at no extra cost.

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