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New Software Helps Online Retailers Sell More through Multiple Stores

New Software Helps Online Retailers Sell More through Multiple Stores

Elastic Path Commerce 6 reduces multi-store cost & complexity, delivers maximum flexibility

Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 9, 2008 -- Elastic Path Software, the pioneer of flexible ecommerce software, announces Elastic Path Commerce 6. This new ecommerce platform is designed to help online retailers increase sales by serving specific customers, locations or products more effectively with multiple tailored stores. Proven by retailers worldwide, Elastic Path Commerce provides powerful features to address key retailer challenges along with maximum flexibility for integration and customization. Release highlights include:



  • More stores, more customers, more sales: Online retailers are increasingly operating multiple targeted stores to expand their presence and deliver the most compelling shopping experiences. Elastic Path Commerce 6 reduces multi-store cost and complexity by allowing all stores to run on a single infrastructure and be managed from a single screen. Each store can have its own unique look, navigation, product catalog, etc.

    One of the most successful loyalty reward programs in the world, Aeroplan uses Elastic Path Commerce 6 multi-store to offer its members a wide variety of shopping and reward options through its partners. Tarik Qahawish, Aeroplan's eBusiness Manager, explains,

    "By giving members online access to a host of new retailers, Elastic Path 6 multi-store is allowing Aeroplan and our partners to expand our Ecommerce capabilities without the need to vastly increase our operational staffing and infrastructure."

  • More sales channels, better customer service, more sales: Expand into offline sales or offer your online customers better service. Customer service representatives now have extensive power to create or modify orders. And in a multi-store environment, a single group of authorized CSRs can manage orders and customers from any store on a single screen.

  • Increased flexibility: Already the platform of choice for flexible integration and customization, Elastic Path Commerce 6 expands integration options with new web services interface.

Global luggage and accessory manufacturer Samsonite has launched the North American and Asian sites for its flagship Black Label brand using Elastic Path Commerce and plans a full multi-brand site rollout in 45 countries and 8 languages over 2008. John Cunningham, Technology Director at Avenue A | Razorfish UK, which implemented Samsonite's site, explains:

"Elastic Path... really helped us get this project to market on time and within budget... This was the best solution in terms of speed to market."

Elastic Path Commerce 6 also adds a number of other features to expand selling opportunities, increase employee productivity and improve security.

About Elastic Path Software
Elastic Path Software provides a flexible ecommerce platform that gives enterprises the capabilities and control to deliver innovation in a complex environment. The Java-based platform enables integration with SOA environments and rapid development of custom features. Enterprises can now quickly adapt ecommerce tactics to gain a competitive advantage. Companies such as Aeroplan, Time Inc, and Samsonite use Elastic Path for maximum control over their evolving online stores. For more information, please visit