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New Report Provides Key Recommendations for Publishers

New Report Provides Key Recommendations for Publishers

Elastic Path™ Software helps publishers thrive in the digital era

Vancouver, BC, Canada, May 16, 2011 -- Elastic Path Software, provider of the industry’s most flexible enterprise ecommerce platform and strategic ecommerce consulting services, has released a new research report entitled “Brave New Publishing World: Assessing the Impact of Ebooks on Consumers”. Elastic Path ecommerce consultants reveal data on the fast-changing publishing landscape as well as recommendations for publishers to capitalize on these changes.

The report documents the new challenges for publishers including new devices, consumer demands, and competitors. These challenges should not mark the end of publishing but rather new opportunities for growth:



  • How should publishers respond to the influx of new devices and lack of format and metadata standards?
  • How can publishers work with third party distributors such as Amazon, Apple iTunes, and Google ebooks?
  • What are the new ownership models, products, and payment models that need to be considered?
  • How can publishers divide or blend their ebook business with print business?
  • How can publishers address demands for an immersive book experience and social ereading?

“We’ve worked with many global publishing companies, so it’s that experience combined with the data we’ve uncovered from our research that provide the foundation for our recommendations. Publishers need to be fast and flexible to create new monetization models and products to maintain their foothold in the books world,” said Amanda Dhalla, ecommerce consultant at Elastic Path Software. “It’s important for publishers to have a pulse on what’s happening today and also remain agile for what could happen tomorrow.”

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