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New Elastic Path Partnership Gives TechAspect Commerce Customers a Best-of-Breed Integration with Content

We’ve said it before, but in today’s competitive digital environment it certainly bears repeating: content and commerce have become virtually inseparable. It’s difficult, and often impossible now, for a mission-critical, revenue-producing site to excel without both elements delivered in an integrated manner.
That’s why brands that seek to gain market share or keep determined, smaller competitors at bay must deliver a smoother, more seamless experience driven by best-of-breed solutions in both categories.

To give its customers yet another ‘best-of’ option, TechAspect has partnered with Elastic Path, a fast-growing ecommerce company that, through patented technologies and exceptional platform flexibility, helps more than 200 global enterprise customers maximize engagement and revenue.

How does the new partnership benefit TechAspect customers?

Joining forces with Elastic Path is a big win for our customers, especially those who sell, or want to sell, online. Those companies now have even more choices for developing a powerful, tightly integrated content-and-commerce solution. Moreover, no matter which integrations customers choose, they know that TechAspect has the expertise to implement them quickly and efficiently, and that Elastic Path’s sophisticated integration capabilities support their vision for a better shopping experience on their site.



What will TechAspect bring to the partnership with Elastic Path?

TechAspect’s capabilities and Elastic Path’s solutions are highly complementary…stronger than the sum of the parts, if you will. Elastic Path will be able to leverage TechAspect’s depth of experience with integrated systems, including web content management (WCM), marketing automation (MA) and context-sensitive technologies. According to Peter Lukomskyj, Vice President of Products at Elastic Path, “Elastic Path is very excited to partner with TechAspect. They truly understand the global digital marketplace, the convergence of content and commerce, and most of all, how to combine Elastic Path solutions with other marketing technologies to provide a truly personalized experience to each user.”





Why did TechAspect pursue Elastic Path?

We appreciate the extraordinary flexibility of Elastic Path’s API model, and how easily it integrates with so many disparate platforms. For example, TechAspect has integrated Elastic Path commerce with Sitecore, Marketo, and iBeacons.

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