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EP to Attend B2B Next, Demo IoT-Powered Commerce Capabilities

Elastic Path to Attend B2B Next, Demo IoT-Powered Commerce Capabilities


The enterprise commerce leader to showcase B2B personalization and automation solutions



Vancouver, B.C. (September 24, 2018) - Elastic Path, the world’s leading provider of enterprise API commerce solutions, will exhibit at B2B Next Conference & Expo in Chicago from September 24-26, 2018. The conference will bring together B2B sellers, buyers, and service providers with a focus on B2B ecommerce and the digitization of the B2B market.


At B2B Next, Elastic Path will showcase its #IoTractor. The demonstration involves a toy-size model of a tractor with WiFi connectivity and will show potential Internet of Things (IoT) use cases of Elastic Path for B2B customers. The demonstration will show how Elastic Path can leverage sensors to track usage hours and detect worn parts in engines and other systems. The solution can automatically schedule maintenance and order replacement parts or can surface these insights for review within the ordering platform.

“We believe that IoT has the potential to revolutionize B2B commerce,” said Elastic Path CEO Harry Chemko. “IoT has already been a disruptive force in the B2B space, but our solution’s capabilities can personalize and automate B2B commerce while also making the purchasing process more seamless. The capabilities showcased by the IoTractor represent some of the ways that Elastic Path can improve the ecommerce experience for B2B companies.”

As B2B commerce becomes increasingly digital, Elastic Path Commerce can help companies effectively manage multiple products, services, channels, and vendors within a cohesive solution while also allowing them to personalize the commerce experience. The solution can help automate aspects of the sales process allowing B2B sales teams to focus less on order management and more on relationship building.

“Personalization has been a major conversation in B2C commerce for some time, but B2B companies can also benefit from personalization of the commerce process,” said Chemko. “B2B commerce is evolving and companies need to create immersive and customized commerce experiences in a digital platform. More B2B customers are moving towards digital commerce and companies need to be ready to make the most of this shift.”

To learn more about Elastic Path Commerce for B2B, visit Elastic Path at booth #214 during B2B Next.


About Elastic Path
Defining the future of commerce, Elastic Path pioneered the world’s leading API-oriented commerce solution for enterprises. The company’s flagship product, Elastic Path® Commerce, has helped the world’s top brands generate over $60 billion in over 170 countries. Customers from industries as diverse as travel, telecoms, publishing, software, and retail enjoy the benefits of a flexible, open architecture that monetizes brand-defining customer experiences, facilitates business agility and eliminates commerce system silos. Elastic Path is a private company based in Vancouver, Canada with offices in the UK and US. For more information, visit




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