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Elastic Path Names Accenture Interactive Partner of the Year as part of its New Partner Award Program

Elastic Path Names Accenture Interactive Partner of the Year as part of its New Partner Award Program

Vancouver, April 5, 2017 – Accenture Interactive has been recognized as Elastic Path’s 2016 Partner of the Year for being the top-performing partner in 2016. This inaugural award was presented by Elastic Path, which develops the world’s most extensible API-first enterprise commerce platform enabling companies to create innovative customer experiences. Accenture Interactive delivered outstanding contributions that empower joint customers to transform their customer experience and innovate their business and industries.

Accenture Interactive, recipient of Elastic Path’s Partner of the Year Award 2016
From left to right: Sal Visca (Elastic Path), Harry Chemko (Elastic Path), Eric Buss (Accenture Interactive), Will Brown (Accenture Interactive), Matt Cardile (Accenture Interactive), Candace Holt (Accenture Interactive), Sean Skamnes (Elastic Path).

The award recognized Accenture Interactive in helping customers design and deliver consistent and seamless digital commerce experiences, utilizing Elastic Path® Commerce. The award reflects Accenture Interactive’s contribution to Elastic Path’s customer success, software revenue, and delivery of complex transformational solutions for enterprises that seek a flexible, open and modular commerce platform. The Accenture Interactive team is globally certified by Elastic Path and are delivering numerous client commerce engagements.
“Our strategic partnership with Accenture Interactive was a key factor driving our significant growth in 2016,” said Harry Chemko, CEO, Elastic Path Software. “The Accenture Interactive team ramped up a global Elastic Path Commerce practice in a very short period of time to serve the rapidly growing market demand. We are partnering with leading brands on digital transformation efforts that are creating entirely unprecedented business strategies using Elastic Path Commerce as the backbone. It is exciting to be at the forefront of this historic shift in customer engagement.”
“The commerce landscape is rapidly evolving and Accenture Interactive is helping companies redefine their businesses for a radically different future. Elastic Path Commerce is a key component in the strategies and experiences we develop for our customers,” said Anatoly Roytman, senior managing director, Accenture Interactive, and global digital commerce lead. “We are very pleased to be recognized by the Elastic Path team for our efforts and investments in the partnership and expect continued success in 2017.”
The Elastic Path and Accenture Interactive partnership is helping world-renowned brands in their digital transformation efforts, which are reshaping their industries. Some of their joint customers include:

    • One of the world’s largest vacation travel giants
    • A US-based Fortune 1000 software provider in the financial services industry
    • One of the world’s largest global telecommunications and wireless providers

About Elastic Path Defining the future of digital commerce, Elastic Path develops the world’s most sophisticated API-based enterprise commerce platform. The company’s flagship product, Elastic Path® Commerce, has helped the world’s top brands generate over $45 billion in over 170 countries. Customers from industries as diverse as travel, telecoms, publishing, software, and retail enjoy the benefits of a flexible, open architecture that drives brand-defining customer experiences, facilitates business agility, and eliminates sales channel silos. Elastic Path is a private company based in Vancouver, Canada with sales offices in the UK and US. For more information, visit