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Elastic Path Launches Digital Commerce Engine

Elastic Path Launches Digital Commerce Engine

Pioneering platform allows enterprises to sell digital goods and content across every connected device and consumer touchpoint

Vancouver, BC, Canada, February 28, 2012 -- Elastic Path Software, the leader in digital commerce technology and expertise, has launched the Digital Commerce Engine™. It is engineered to help enterprises monetize digital goods and content, build rich online commerce experiences and leverage new business models across existing and emerging digital channels.

According to The Disruptor’s Handbook (October 27, 2011) by Forrester Research Inc., “Thanks to digital platforms, your customers live in a world of heightened expectations and abundant options; they can get more of what they want, in more places, at more times, than ever before."

The Digital Commerce Engine was developed in consultation with global leaders in digital industries, such as media, software, publishing, gaming, and more. New features exclusive to Elastic Path include the Digital Commerce API™ and Digital Product Information Management:



  • The Digital Commerce API is the industry’s first intelligent API and allows enterprises to quickly and cost-effectively sell digital goods and content within any user experience, on any device or platform. It uses patent-pending technology to provide a secure, intelligent layer that translates complex ecommerce requests into simple forms that developers can easily embed into web stores, mobile apps, social networks, games, cloud services, and marketing campaigns.

  • Digital Product Information Management is designed to help enterprises effectively manage and merchandise digital goods and content. It reduces the effort and cost associated with customizing traditional retail catalog systems for use with today’s emerging business models.

Elastic Path’s developer-friendly technology stack is designed to boost developer and administrator productivity. It includes an enhanced binary-based development system to simplify project customizations, testing, deployments, upgrades, and support. In addition, the Digital Commerce Engine also has established features essential to digital commerce success such as differential pricing, subscriptions, bundles, promotions and personalization.

“We worked with Elastic Path to implement the largest digital commerce site in the world and had incredible results. The platform provided scalability, robustness and, above all, flexibility,” says GH Rao, Sr., corporate vice president, engineering and R&D services of HCL. “We have relationships with some of the world’s largest digital goods and content companies, and I see great potential in the Digital Commerce Engine. We are looking forward to the new 6.4 platform and are particularly excited about the new API that would allow our customers to quickly provide a true multi-channel experience.”

“When we started the process of developing the Digital Commerce Engine, we realized that the market lacked the technology to adequately address the challenges of commerce for digital goods and content enterprises. Whether you’re selling music, movies, ebooks, games, or any other digital good, it’s no longer sufficient to sell digital goods by copying the traditional retail process,” says Harry Chemko, CEO of Elastic Path. “Consumers have rapidly evolving expectations for digital content, and this is changing every day. I believe we have engineered a truly special product that will radically improve the way digital commerce is and will be conducted.”

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Elastic Path is the leader in digital commerce technology and expertise for enterprises selling digital goods and services. Major global brands such as Google, Time Inc, and Virgin Media rely on Elastic Path to monetize digital relationships with their customers in ways that are frictionless, social, and everywhere. Web: Blog: Twitter: