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Elastic Path Expands Capabilities to Power B2B Commerce

Elastic Path Expands Capabilities to Power B2B Commerce

New functionality includes expanded account management tools, quick and bulk orders, and a new Reference Experience library

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA -- May 10, 2019 -- Elastic Path, the world’s leading provider of enterprise API commerce solutions, has added key technical functionality to support B2B organizations. New tools include expanded account management capabilities, quick and bulk order functionality, integrations with ERP and procurement systems, and a new Reference Experience library that allows brands to quickly launch a new store or functionality.

“B2B brands today need to bring a B2C level of service and ease to their buying experiences. The expectations of business customers have come a long way in the last few years,” said John Bruno, Vice President of Product Management at Elastic Path. “It’s no longer acceptable for B2B commerce solutions to simply replicate existing analog commerce processes in the digital realm. Our goal is to empower any organization to build a digital sales process that’s better than what they did on paper and is user-friendly and efficient for both the sales team and the customer.”

Elastic Path continues to build on the success of products like Elastic Path Commerce with new releases and key upgrades to existing functions. New capabilities include:

  • Expanded account management capabilities: B2B sellers often require role-based access to online ordering systems so their associates can shop on behalf of the buying organization. With Elastic Path, sellers can tailor the buyer experience to the way the buyer’s organization is structured and align it to the personal commerce and accounting preferences of the buyer.
  • Quick and bulk orders: New tools allow buyers to purchase products without visiting every product page, re-order individual line items or an entire prior order easily, and add SKU numbers directly to their order.
  • PunchOut2Go for Elastic Path Commerce integration: Many businesses require sellers to present their products and services through their system of record for order requests, approval, invoicing and more. Elastic Path now connects directly to PunchOut2Go, a service that connects any e-commerce application to the buyer’s procurement or ERP system. PunchOut2Go connects a seller’s Elastic Path Commerce store with a buyer’s back-end procurement or ERP platform to streamline complex B2B research, purchasing, and invoicing processes.
  • Reference Experiences: Elastic Path Reference Experiences is a library of out-of-the-box assets empowering sellers to quickly launch a new store or innovative experience and easily deliver innovations like chatbots or augmented reality. It provides bulk ordering, quick order, account specific pricing and other functionality to enable efficient sales of B2B products and services. Reference Experiences works out-of-the box with Elastic Path commerce platform and its code is open-source, publicly available on GitHub.

These technology advancements further Elastic Path’s mission to support the complexity of B2B buyer-seller relationship. The company also has future releases planned focused on tools that make B2B buying easier through better planning, permissioning and collaboration.

“Elastic Path has a vision for B2B commerce without compromise, and these new capabilities are tailored to achieve it,” Bruno said. “We’re not going for tiny, incremental improvements. We’re building a foundation for B2B businesses to take a huge leap forward in how buyer and seller relationships work and grow in the future.”

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