Elastic Path Among Canada's Fastest-growing Companies for 2010

Ecommerce solutions provider #26 in third consecutive PROFIT 100 ranking

Vancouver, BC, Canada, June 2, 2010 -- Elastic Path Software, a leading enterprise ecommerce solutions provider , announced it is ranked #26 in the 22nd annual PROFIT 100 ranking of Canada's Fastest-growing Companies by PROFIT Magazine. This marks the third consecutive year on the PROFIT 100 rankings for Elastic Path with revenue growth of 1,832% since 2004.

"We have expanded our offerings and focused in on the software, media, and telecom markets. Our enterprise clients have really responded to the flexibility in our approach, which has resulted in our continued strong growth," says Harry Chemko, co-founder and CEO of Elastic Path Software. "We are their trusted advisors and develop ecommerce innovations that help meet their business goals."

Elastic Path provides ecommerce consulting, Java ecommerce platform, implementation services, and full ecommerce outsourcing for software, media, and telecom enterprises such as Virgin Media, Time Inc, and Sony Ericsson.

Ranking Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies by five-year revenue growth, the PROFIT 100 profiles the country's most successful growth companies. Published in the June issue of PROFIT and online at PROFIT100.com, the PROFIT 100 is Canada 's largest annual celebration of entrepreneurial achievement.

"Canada's Fastest-Growing Companies are the poster children for entrepreneurship, innovation and pure tenacity," says Ian Portsmouth, editor of PROFIT. "They demonstrate what it takes to succeed in today's highly competitive, technology-driven global economy."

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About Elastic Path Software
Elastic Path Software is a leading enterprise ecommerce solutions provider. We offer ecommerce consulting, a Java ecommerce platform, implementation services, and full ecommerce outsourcing for software, media, and telecom enterprises to maximize their ecommerce results. Major global brands such as Virgin Media and Sony Ericsson rely on our ecommerce expertise for their long term ecommerce strategy. Elastic Path provides enterprises with the guidance, flexibility, and control to drive online revenue and own the conversation with their customers. For more information, please visit https://www.elasticpath.com.