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Press Release

Constructor Integrates with Elastic Path So Retailers Can Add High-Impact Product Discovery to Their Digital Commerce Experiences

The Constructor no-code Integration for Elastic Path is now available, enabling retailers to deploy best-of-breed digital commerce architectures that drive engagement and revenue.


BOSTON, June 28, 2023Constructor, an AI-powered product search and discovery platform for ecommerce companies, today announced an integration with partner Elastic Path, the leader of the Composable Commerce movement. Now, in just a few clicks, retailers who use Elastic Path for digital commerce can upload their product catalog information to Constructor for more robust, personalized and revenue-generating product discovery experiences. This integration is immediately available in Elastic Path Composer, the only commerce-enabled Integration Platform-as-a-Service (iPaaS).   

Retailers across the world use Constructor to personalize shoppers’ online search results, product recommendations and more, while also optimizing for their own key performance indicators (KPIs). By integrating Constructor with Elastic Path for digital commerce, it’s easy for retailers to create holistic, individually personalized, omnichannel experiences that “wow” their customers.

The Constructor Integration for Elastic Path makes it quick and easy to maximize value from both solutions. Joint users can:

  • Securely upload and synchronize Elastic Path product catalog information with Constructor in just a few clicks; no code required.
  • Use the flexible setup to define which data should be ingested (e.g., product attributes such as size, style and color) and how.
  • Automatically and instantly push catalog updates to Constructor, whenever they’re updated in Elastic Path.
  • Significantly shorten the time-to-value of using both solutions together, by using Constructor to immediately power search optimization, autosuggest, browse, recommendations, Quizzes and more. Constructor uses its clickstream-based AI (factoring in shoppers’ real-time and historical behavior across retailers’ digital properties), along with zero party data and other data streams (such as loyalty program information and product catalog data), to serve up personalized results sitewide.

“Elastic Path Composer vastly reduces the cost, resources and time required to orchestrate and manage a composable solution,” said Tiffany Spizzo, VP of Global Channel and Alliances, Elastic Path. “Brands can quickly and easily launch the no-code Constructor integration to take advantage of their product search and discovery solution. Both Constructor and Elastic Path are API-first solutions, underscoring our joint commitment to helping brands easily select and integrate the best tools for their business requirements.”

Nick Opderbeck, Head of Partnerships, North America, Constructor, said: “Constructor and Elastic Path share a vision to enable composable architectures — adding more business value fast and providing the flexibility and control to drive strategic merchandising across every moment of the customer journey. Constructor provides the highest scalability, uptime and resilience, because digital commerce never sleeps. By teaming up with Elastic Path and making it even easier for retailers to use our solutions in tandem, we’re helping retailers to better meet the needs of their shoppers and increase engagement, conversions and revenue.”

For more information, see Constructor’s listing on Elastic Path’s website at